Zaalouk (Moroccan Roasted Eggplant Salad)

Zaalouk is a simple Moroccan salad made with eggplant, tomato, spices, and olive oil. It’s packed with flavor and can be used as an appetizer, a dipping sauce, or as a spread for bread. Abut Zaalouk Zaalouk is a Moroccan salad made with eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, spices, and olive oil. Eggplant and tomato dishes are … Read more

Spanish Potato Salad (Ensalada Rusa)

This Spanish potato salad, known as Ensalada Rusa, makes for a deliciously hearty lunch. It’s made with potatoes, carrots, boiled eggs, tuna and mayonnaise and is ready in just 30 minutes. About Ensalada Rusa You’ll find Ensalada Rusa in many Spanish tapas bars and it includes potatoes, carrots, eggs and often tuna and peas. You’ll … Read more

High-Protein Lentil Wraps (Tortillas)

These protein-packed lentil wraps are the perfect wrap alternative to wheat wraps with fewer carbs. It needs just three ingredients and adds a health boost to any wrap you can conjure up. They’re also grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. About This Recipe Lentils are a staple in many cuisines around the world, but particularly Turkish, … Read more

Mercimek Corbasi (Turkish Red Lentil Soup)

Mercimek corbasi is a lentil soup dish originating from Turkey that is loved throughout the country whether in summer or winter, It is made up of lentils along with pantry staples like carrots, onions, potatoes, plus common seasonings like paprika and mint. The recipe is gluten free, vegan and can be enjoyed as a breakfast, lunch … Read more

Avgolemono Soup with Orzo (Lemon Greek Chicken Soup)

Avgolemono soup is a classic Greek lemon-egg soup that’s both creamy and comforting. Shredded chicken, orzo and a few veggies combine with a silky lemon and egg broth for a hearty, cozy soup that’s ready in 30 minutes. What is Avgolemono Soup? Avgolemono soup is the most popular soup in Greek cuisine. It’s zesty, comforting … Read more