The Mediterranean Diet Plan that Fits into Everyday Life

Whether you're cooking for the family or busy working, you won't need much time in the kitchen. Includes quick 10-minute breakfasts, packable lunches, 30 minute evening meals and delicious snacks.

Cook Tasty Vegetarian Meals Quickly

Many cookbooks use exotic ingredients & recipes that look great but aren't easy to source. We use everyday ingredients you'll find in your local supermarket.

Find All Ingredients in Your Local Supermarket

The ingredients we use are commonly found in supermarkets, meaning you can get ingredients at cheap.  Our plans also keep waste to a minimum.

Follow the Plan on a Family-Friendly Budget

Although the Mediterranean diet emphasises healthy eating choices, tracking calories is important. Meal plans contain approximately 1500 calories and can be easily adjusted.

Stop Worrying About Counting Calories

Knowing the nutritional composition in each recipe gives you confidence in what you're eating and help you make informed eating choices long into the future.

Know the Nutritional Value of Each Recipe

Most diet plans are time-consuming and unrealistic for cooking midweek. Med in 28 is easy to fit into everyday life, regardless of how much time you have to cook.

Lose Weight, Get Healthy & Kickstart Your Vegetarian Mediterranean Diet in 28 Days

Our 28 day Mediterranean diet plan will help you adopt lifelong Mediterranean eating habits, with the least amount of effort.


1.  100+ Tasty Vegetarian Mediterranean Recipes

All the recipes take less than 60 minutes. Most of the dinner recipes take less than 30 minutes, including the preparation (most cookbooks underestimate the prep time needed). There are also many no-cook breakfasts and lunches you can pack and take to work, as well as plenty of vegetarians and gluten-free recipes too.

All nutritional information is provided, including calories and macronutrients.

Everything You Need To Start Your Veggie Mediterranean Diet

From the 5-minute breakfasts to the heartiest dinners, you will love the variety of mouthwatering yet good-for-you recipes included in your plan:

I was very interested in this diet as over the years we have tried many diets to no real effect and as my husband, Paul, has heart failure, suffers from arrhythmia, is diabetic and very overweight. The time had come to lose a few pounds and ensure we didn't fail long-term.

We found the recipes very tasty and filling enough for my husband. We were constantly surprised by how much we enjoyed the varied menu and just 6 weeks later my husband had lost 14lbs. But just as important were his blood test results were significantly better for his diabetes and levels of triglycerides. I have to say our palettes have changed and we much prefer eating this way

Dawn Keddie

Owner at Le Cerf Rentals

The Mediterranean Diet Consistently Ranks as One of the Best Diets to Follow. Here's How You Can Benefit:

Reduce your LDL ('bad') cholesterol levels

Prevent and manage type 2 diabetes

Lower blood pressure

Manage effects of rheumatoid arthritis

Help with IBS

Reduce risk of developing Parkinson's disease

Reduce risk of developing Alzheimer's disease

Improve your mood

Feel more energetic

Help you live longer

Lose weight sustainably

Reduce risk of developing cancer

2. Weekly Meal Plans + Shopping Lists

Put your meal planning on autopilot and make the important decisions ahead of time, reducing waste & lowering costs. We've make the plan as efficient as possible so you use up perishable ingredients, so you don't throw out ingredients. Meal plans contain 1500-1800 calories including snacks, but are easily adjustable.

All recipes use common ingredients so you'll still be able to shop at your local supermarket. 

Who's Behind the Plan?

Alex Johnson

Alex is the founder of Medmunch, and has helped hundreds of people transform their lives with the Mediterranean diet by helping his clients introduce practical, simple changes into their lifestyle that are backed by scientific data and evidence.

3. 24/7 Email Support & Lifetime Access

You'll get round-the-clock, personal support and advice from the team at Medmunch. We'll answer any questions you have & keep your spirits high throughout. We can also help make adjustments to the recipes & meal plans if certain recipes don't work for you because of intolerances and other factors.

1. You could spend days, weeks or even months trying to  figure things out yourself and see where that gets you. 

The problem? Even then, you're not sure if you're on the right track. How many times have you tried this before and fallen back into your old eating habits? 

Doing it yourself is tough when you're not sure about all the information. And then trying to figure out all the recipes and shopping lists is just extra time that you could better spend with your friends, family...and actually cooking those recipes yourself, not just researching them!

2. You could buy a book on the Mediterranean diet on Amazon

The problem? These books are mostly targeted for American audiences. That means all lots of the measurements are in cups and it takes 15+ minutes just to convert all those in British measurements. 

Many Amazon publishers greatly reduce their book size and show recipes photographs because printing in colour is so expensive (trust me, I've looked into it).  How can you get excited eating those recipes if you don't even know what they look like?

3. You could spend hundreds of pounds on a nutritionist to get it right. 

The problem? If you're happy to spend the money, then great! But that's a lot of money to spend and you're still not sure whether you'll actually like their recipes. 

We want to help at a fraction of that cost with meal plans that have been tried and tested with hundreds of people. 

At this point, what are your other options?

1. Will the plan be suitable if I'm cooking for myself/my partner/my family?

Definitely! Although the plan is for 2 people, all the recipes can easily be doubled for a family of 4, or reduced for a someone following the plan for just themselves.

2. How long do the recipes take to make?

All the breakfast and lunch recipes take 10 minutes at most to prepare. The majority of the dinner recipes can be cooked within 30 minutes. They are all super easy to make too.

4. What if I don't want to start the plan just yet?

That's absolutely fine! You'll get lifetime access to the plan and can start at anytime.

5. Do I have to pay a monthly subscription?

Nope. The plan is a one-time fee. Simple!


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Start Your Vegetarian Mediterranean Diet Today

Start building healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime and finally get your health and weight in check.

The best way to learn the habits that keep you eating healthy forever

You’ve probably tried multiple fad diet and workout programs in the past. And you’ve concluded that they simply don’t work in the long run.

Now you know you need to start a Mediterranean diet. It's a way of eating that doctors and GPs consistently recommend their clients when they're suffering health problems or weight issues.

But the health professionals don't tell you much else. You're a busy parent running around or have career that requires long crazy hours. 

You don't have time to figure this all out by yourself.

What you need is someone to take care of everything for you. What recipes to eat, when to eat them and what to buy. And they need to fit into your specific lifestyle.

Med in 28 is your shortcut to healthy Mediterranean eating that lasts forever.



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Start Your Mediterranean Diet Today

Start building healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime and finally get your health and weight in check.

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Eating a Veggie Mediterranean Diet Has Never Been So Tasty and Practical

From the 5-minute breakfasts to the heartiest dinners, you will love the variety of mouthwatering yet good-for-you recipes included in your plan:

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100+ tasty Mediterranean-style vegetarian recipes

4 balanced meal plans for sustainable weight loss

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