Greek Beetroot Salad (Patzarosalata)

This Greek Beet Salad, known as Patzarosalata, is a hearty and healthy side dish or appetizer. Covered with a garlicky red wine vinaigrette, creamy feta and some crunchy walnuts, it’s a delicious way to get more beets in your meals. Derived from the Greek words “patzari” meaning beet and “salata” meaning salad, Patzarosalata has become … Read more

Avgolemono Soup with Orzo (Lemon Greek Chicken Soup)

Avgolemono soup is a classic Greek lemon-egg soup that’s both creamy and comforting. Shredded chicken, orzo and a few veggies combine with a silky lemon and egg broth for a hearty, cozy soup that’s ready in 30 minutes. What is Avgolemono Soup? Avgolemono soup is the most popular soup in Greek cuisine. It’s zesty, comforting … Read more

Easy Vegetarian Mediterranean Lasagna

This lasagne is packed with some of the best of the flavors of Greece, namely feta, olives, sundried tomatoes and oregano which add a delicious complexity and depth of flavor reminiscent of a moussaka. It’s relatively straightforward to put together and can be prepared well in advance. It’s a healthy, hearty meal that leaves plenty … Read more