Pesto Crusted Salmon

This pesto-crusted salmon is perfect if you’re looking for a healthy, tasty way of eating salmon that doesn’t need a lot of ingredients. Ready in 20 minutes and makes for a versatile midweek dinner. About This Pesto Crusted Salmon This is the ultimate family-friendly meal that’s great if you’re trying to get you and your … Read more

Moroccan Fish Tagine

This simple and aromatic fish tagine is full of North African flavors. Ready within 30 minutes, the balance of sweet and savory flavors combined with the spices make for a intense and delicious tagine that’s full of vegetables and health.  What is a Moroccan Tagine? Tagines are commonly found in Moroccan cuisine and have been … Read more

Mackerel Patties (No Potato)

These succulent mackerel patties are easy, versatile and work as an appetizer or main dish. Filled with healthy, protein-rich ingredients like Greek yogurt and eggs, a few bites of these healthy, yet delicious mackerel patties will fill you with joy. As great as fresh mackerel is, using canned mackerel allows you to speed up the … Read more

Mediterranean Sardines on Toast (Ready in 15 Mins)

If you’re looking to get more omega-3 fats in your diet, then this Mediterranean-style sardines on toast dish is perfect. Using different spices and ingredients to flavor the sardines, it is a good meal you can whip up quickly if you don’t have many ingredients on hand. Best served as a quick breakfast or lunch, … Read more

Mediterranean Salmon Traybake

Traybakes are a fantastic low effort and healthy dinner option that requires minimal hands on time and washing up. In this recipe we have roasted a combination of aubergines, courgettes, peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes in a delicious rosemary and balsamic glaze which turns deliciously sweet and sticky while it cooks and brings out really … Read more

Mediterranean Pan-Seared Sea Bass with Bulgur Wheat

This is a really delicious way to serve sea bass with lots of delicious flavors from the Mediterranean. Taking just under 1 hour altogether, it’s perfect as a healthy way to get your fatty fish into your diet, as well as multiple servings of fruit and vegetables.  Topped off with a mix of herbs, it … Read more