31 Healthy Lentil Soup Recipes You Need to Try

Lentils are a delicious legume that can make for a healthy, high-protein dish. They are often used in soups and are very versatile, making for a wide variety of dishes. This roundup contains 31 lentil soup recipes for a tasty, yet healthy lunch or dinner. Sopa de Lentejas Simple, healthy, authentic. This easy Mexican-style soup … Read more

24 Leftover Asparagus Recipes You Need to Try

Looking to use up some leftover asparagus in your next recipe? Then these dishes are for you. You can easily insert your leftover asparagus into these recipes, but since you’ll have various amounts of leftovers, you’ll need to to adjust on a case-by-case basis.  These recipes aren’t set in stone, so with a few teaks, … Read more

21 Leftover Smoked Turkey Recipes You Need to Try

After you’re finished with your smoked turkey and it tasted delicious. But you’re bound to have leftovers and there’s only so much turkey you can eat by itself.  So what can you make it for more amazing meals the next day? This roundup contains 21 delicious recipes for smoked turkey you can use so you … Read more

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