18 Delicious Mediterranean Breakfast Recipes Without Eggs

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Start your day the right way with these delicious Mediterranean breakfast recipes!

Whether you’re looking for easy, healthy recipes that work especially well on a Mediterranean diet, or bolder Mediterranean dishes that taste delicious, this roundup has everything you could want!

Here are 18 of our favorite Mediterranean breakfast recipes that don’t include eggs.

Mediterranean Sandwich

source: medmunch.com

This is one of my favorite recipes when you’re on the go and need to pack something quick and nutritious.

The sandwich packs a double punch of flavor with hummus and basil pesto. These spreads not only taste amazing but are also packed with nutrients. Mozzarella cheese adds a creamy balance to the strong flavors plus an extra kick of protein. 

This sandwich is also big on veggies with baby spinach, bell peppers, and tomatoes, with multiple portions.

Make sure you use wholemeal bread, which is a much healthier alternative to white bread.

It’s ready in just 10 minutes and perfect for a packed lunch or a fast weekday dinner.

Mediterranean Sardines on Toast

source: medmunch.com

This Mediterranean Sardines on Toast offers a delightful and wholesome treat packed with the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. 

Bombining sardines with the zing of lemon juice and the kick of chili powder, this recipe ensures a flavorful and savory hot bite in every forkful.

The hummus on wholemeal bread gives some extra protein. And hummus always pairs really well with some crispy bread. It’s topped off with fresh tomatoes, parsley and cinnamon.

Perfect for a quick breakfast or lunch, it’s an effortless way to incorporate fish into your diet.

Mediterranean Diet Oatmeal

source: medmunch.com

Oatmeal is always a nutritional powerhouse, containing lots of beta-glucan fiber, which has shown significant health benefits.

This oatmeal recipe takes things up a notch and combines even more healthy ingredients and a tasty way to eat protein. 

It combines walnuts and blueberries for a kick of omega-3 fats and antioxidants, while raisins add natural sweetness. 

A pinch of cinnamon adds some lovely citrusy notes to finish things off.

The recipe takes just minutes to prepare and can be easily adjusted depending on how many calories you need to eat.

Regardless, you’ll be satisfied afterwards with a great health headstart to the day.

Yayla Corbasi (Turkish Mint Yogurt Soup)

source: medmunch.com

Yayla Corbasi is a mint yogurt soup originating from Turkey.

It’s a popular soup that’s known for its simple ingredients and comforting nature. Its base consists of yogurt, mint, and rice, making it creamy and nutritious. 

The tangy flavor of yogurt combined with the aromatic mint offers a soothing experience, particularly during those chilly days. 

It’s light, healthy and versatile – combine with some wholemeal bread for some extra subsistence 

It takes about 35 minutes to make and it’s super easy to make in larger batches. 

If you’re looking for a dish that’s both wholesome and comforting, Yayla Corbasi is a great choice.

Mediterranean Diet Berry Breakfast Smoothie

source: medmunch.com

For a breakfast that’s quick yet substantial, this Berry Smoothie is a winner. 

With frozen berries as its star ingredient, it offers a punch of antioxidants. You can use different kinds of berries, but we like a combination of blueberries and raspberries. 

The Greek yogurt, makes the smoothie creamy and adds some extra protein. 

For those days when you really don’t want to cook, this berry smoothie is a great choice.

Easy Manakish (Lebanese Cheese or Za’atar Flatbread)

source: medmunch.com

Manakish is a Lebanese Cheese or Za’atar Flatbread) is a versatile Lebanese dish akin to a pizza.

It can be served with cheese or za’atar, a Middle Eastern spice blend. The dough is light and fluffy, owing to the use of yeast, and can be made in no time. 

With mozzarella as an alternative for the traditional Akawi cheese, this recipe makes it convenient to bring authentic Middle Eastern flavors to your kitchen. 

Great for breakfast or brunch, this flatbread can also be customized with additional toppings like veggies or ground beef. 

Not only is it simple to make, but it’s also a great introduction to working with dough and exploring new flavors, especially if you haven’t tried a spice mix like za’atar before.

Easy Mediterranean Muesli (7 Mins, High-Protein, Customisable)

source: medmunch.com

For a power-packed breakfast that’s flexible, try this Easy Mediterranean Muesli. 

A refreshing break from traditional oatmeal, this muesli blends toasted oats with nuts, seeds, and fruits.

For a gluten-free variant, take out the puffed grains. Vegan? Swap Greek yogurt with almond milk. You also have the freedom to regulate sugar by opting for different fruits. 

Cinnamon adds a hint of sweetness and citrusy notes without any sugar. 

This muesli is a champion of adaptability and health in a bowl.

Savory Blintzes with Mozzarella and Pesto

source: littleferrarokitchen.com

These savory blintzes are inspired by caprese and filled with creamy mozzarella cheese, savory sundried tomatoes and topped with a bright pesto sauce.

The recipe gives a spin to traditional sweet blintzes by bringing in classic Italian flavors. 

The topping of the bright, zesty pesto sauce adds a burst of freshness. It’s a wonderful blend of Jewish and Italian culinary traditions and is a game-changer for your brunch menu. 

With all the great tastes going on, they may just become your new favorite brunch dish!

Tomato Mozzarella Bread

source: hurrythefoodup.com

Bringing the charm of Italy to your table, the Tomato Mozzarella Bread is an effortless yet wholesome dish. 

With a foundation of whole grain bread, the recipe employs the classic tomatoes and mozzarella combination with some basil. It’s perfect for those warm summer nights to make you feel like you’re in the Mediterranean.

Drizzle in some olive oil and balsamic vinegar to bring that subtle richness and tang. 

Perfect for when you crave something light and quick, this dish embodies the heart of Mediterranean flavors.

Pan Con Tomate (Spanish Tomato Bread)

source: thetastychilli.com

Pan Con Tomate is a classic dish from Catalonia, Spain. It’s a simple and delightful recipe that is known for its honest and rustic flavors. 

The dish involves toasting bread and then rubbing it with fresh garlic. It’s then topped with grated ripe tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil, finished with a sprinkle of sea salt. 

The success of this dish lies in its minimalism; the quality of tomatoes and olive oil is crucial. 

It can be enjoyed for breakfast, as a tapa, or even alongside your main meal. It’s quintessential Mediterranean fare that’s fresh, light and satisfying. 

Spinach Borek (Ispanakli Borek)

source: cookingorgeous.com

Spinach Borek (Ispanakli Borek) is an enticing Turkish pastry that uses thin, flaky dough named “yufka”, which is stuffed with a mix of spinach and onions. 

What’s really cool about this recipe is its flexibility; you can toss in cheese or minced meat to the spinach filling, giving it a new twist each time.

This dish is not only amazing as a breakfast item but also doubles up as a fantastic snack on the go. 

Spinach is one of those foods that has a ton of benefits as a leafy green, so this is a clever way to include spinach in your family’s diet, especially for the young ones who might be picky eaters.

Vegan Shakshuka

source: veggieinspired.com

Vegan Shakshuka is a breakfast that’s hearty and packs a punch. With roots in the Mediterranean, it’s usually made with poached eggs in a tomato-pepper sauce. 

However, this version is vegan and uses creative alternatives for eggs. 

The sauce is a red pepper stew, with the exciting addition of ras el hanout – a Moroccan spice blend that’s a medley of flavors like cinnamon, coriander, and ginger. 

Roasted bell peppers add a smoky touch. The vegan “eggs” are made from plant-based yogurt for the whites and a blend of roasted yellow bell pepper, tahini, and vegan mayo for the yolks.

Dunk in some toasted pita, and you’ve got a breakfast that’s as fun as it is flavorful. 

Quinoa Power Breakfast

source: veggieinspired.com

Combining quinoa with roasted radishes and arugula, this dish is an energizing way to start your day.

Quinoa is a great choice of grain, being high in protein, vitamins and minerals, whilst also tasting delicious!

The addition of arugula adds a peppery kick, while roasted radishes provide a mellow crunch. 

The dish is further enhanced by turmeric, which adds a potent peppery taste with an earthy, musky essence.

Overall, this is a great choice if you’re looking for a hearty, plant-based breakfast that’s ready in 30 minutes. 

Greek Yogurt With Honey, Figs, Walnuts, And Mint

source: thegreekfoodie.com

This Greek Yogurt with Honey, Figs, Walnuts, and Mint is not just an effortless, healthy dessert but also makes for a nutritious breakfast or a quick snack. 

The creamy Greek yogurt provides a tangy backdrop for the sweet figs, which are at their best during late summer. 

The crunch of walnuts and the gentle sweetness of honey strike a perfect balance, with the mint adding some nice freshness.

It’s just a case of layering the ingredients together, taking no time at all.

Whether you want to enjoy a quiet breakfast or serve an elegant dessert without a lot of fuss, this recipe is your friend.

Turkish Bread (Pide Bread)

source: richanddelish.com

If you’re a fan of homemade bread, this Fluffy Turkish Bread recipe is a must-try. This traditional pide bread is fluffy and super simple to make, promising a soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture. 

It can be challenging to find good Turkish bread outside of Turkey, but with this recipe, you can recreate the delightful bread at home using basic ingredients. 

What makes this bread interesting is the special topping made of egg yolk, yogurt, sesame seeds, and nigella seeds. 

This combination adds both texture and flavor. You can enjoy this bread with your favorite dips, or make sandwiches.

Plus, it freezes well, so you can always have a stash ready for a quick snack or accompaniment to a meal.

Mediterranean Overnight Oats

source: hildaskitchenblog.com

I’m a huge fan of overnight oats and this recipe is a great one if you love Mediterranean flavors.

It uses lots of ingredients that are commonly found in Mediterranean cuisines, such as dates, tahini, cardamom and date molasses.

The oats are combined with these ingredients and left to soak overnight, and in the morning, all you have to do is give it a mix, add some walnuts for crunch, and enjoy.

I love the use of cardamom in this, which adds a hint a lovely piney or fruity taste.

If you’re tired of boring oat meals, then this is a great alternative.

Eggplant Fatteh Recipe (Fatet Batinjan)

source: homecookingcollective.com

Eggplant Fatteh is a classic Middle-eastern dish.

It features layers of toasted pita, smoky roasted eggplant, tahini, and a drizzle of pomegranate molasses. 

The inclusion of herbs and pine nuts also adds freshness and an extra crunch. It’s full of flavors, but has a nice creamy and tangy taste to it. 

It serves as the perfect vegetarian breakfast, a crowd-pleasing appetizer, or a satisfying main dish. 

Msemen (Flaky Vegan Moroccan Rghaif Pancakes)

source: cinnamonsnail.com

Msemen is a flaky vegan Moroccan flatbread that’s perfect for pairing with a variety of dishes. 

Made on a griddle, this flatbread boasts layers that create a crispy texture, thanks to the lamination process which involves folding and rolling the dough with vegan butter. 

Not only does it go great with Moroccan staples like Loubia and Harira, but it also compliments Turkish, Lebanese, and Indian dishes. 

The use of semolina flour in this recipe adds a unique texture and depth of flavor, and the flatbread turns out hot and crispy. 

This is your passport to enjoy an assortment of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern meals with an authentic touch.

Yield: 4-6

18 Delicious Mediterranean Breakfast Recipes Without Eggs

18 Delicious Mediterranean Breakfast Recipes Without Eggs

These Mediterranean breakfast recipes contain delicious sandwiches, heart warming soups, hearty breads and more. Give them a try and experience the Mediterranean in your kitchen today.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • Mediterranean Sandwich
  • Mediterranean Sardines on Toast
  • Mediterranean Diet Oatmeal
  • Yayla Corbasi (Turkish Mint Yogurt Soup)
  • Mediterranean Diet Berry Breakfast Smoothie
  • Easy Manakish (Lebanese Cheese or Za'atar Flatbread)
  • Easy Mediterranean Muesli (7 Mins, High-Protein, Customisable)
  • Savory Blintzes with Mozzarella and Pesto
  • Tomato Mozzarella Bread
  • Pan Con Tomate – Spanish Tomato Bread
  • Spinach Borek (Ispanakli Borek)
  • Vegan Shakshuka
  • Quinoa Power Breakfast
  • Greek Yogurt With Honey, Figs, Walnuts, And Mint
  • Turkish Bread (Pide Bread)
  • Mediterranean Overnight Oats
  • Eggplant Fatteh Recipe (Fatet Batinjan)
  • Msemen (Flaky Vegan Moroccan Rghaif Pancakes)


1. Choose your favorite recipes.

2. Get ingredients and follow the instructions.

3. Create a tasty Mediterranean breakfast recipe.


Which of these recipes was your favorite? Let me know in the comment section, on our Facebook page or on Pinterest!

To Sum Up

Whether you’re looking for a classic toast-based meal that uses simple Mediterranean ingredients or a more traditional dish that has some great local tastes, there’s something to choose from for everyone here.

Pick your favorite and enjoy these stress-free Mediterranean breakfast recipes without eggs.

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