19 Healthy Sauces for Steak You Need to Try

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If you’re trying to make your steak as healthy as possible, these sauces are a great addition.

These sauces taste amazing without adding excessive calories to your meal. In this roundup are 19 different types that take inspiration from various cuisines.

Ginger Sauce

Drawing inspiration from a famous chain-restaurant recipe, this ginger sauce is a fun way to add flair to your steak. Fresh ginger and its natural heat make a deliciously fiery base for this steak sauce, adding warmth and flavor at once.

Savory soy, tangy vinegar, and sweet brown sugar help create a full and flavorful sauce. You can choose whether to eat it cool and fresh or use it as a tasty meat marinade first!

Get the recipe here.

Rhubarb Sauce

If you like a sweet sauce to balance those mouthfuls of salty, savory steak, this recipe might become a new favorite. Seasonal springtime rhubarb is naturally delicious.

When dressed up in zesty lemon and just a pinch of sugar, it makes for a superb sauce. Ditch the super-sweet and overly-salty store-bought BBQ sauces and try out this fun and fruity recipe for your next steak dinner!

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Zhoug (Cilantro Jalapeno Sauce)

Inspired by a much-loved Middle Eastern dressing, this recipe provides a spicy new way to enjoy steak! Hot with jalapeño, fresh with cilantro, bold with garlic, and sharp with lemon.

Deliciously light and natural ingredients are the keys to this bright and healthy sauce, celebrating fun foreign flavors in your own home. Simply chop and blitz the ingredients together, and in a few minutes, you will have a vibrant herby dressing for your steak.

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Avocado Chimichurri Sauce

A cool, smooth, and creamy sauce to dunk that steak into.

This recipe makes for a deliciously healthy alternative to mayonnaise and other heavy sauces. Its beautiful green color comes from creamy avocado, fresh cilantro and parsley, and a spritz of lemon juice.

Clever additions of cashews and crushed pepper flakes help turn these nutritious ingredients into a smooth steak sauce that really packs a punch.

Cool, creamy, and rich, without excess calories.

Get the recipe here.

African Pepper Sauce

This steak sauce is every bit as hot and delicious as its title suggests. If you love spice, and always enjoy adding a dash of heat to your dishes, this recipe might be for you.

It’s every bit as light and healthy as it is powerful thanks to sweet tomatoes, fiery habaneros, crushed ginger, and earthy olive oil. Simply adjust the spiciness to your own tastes, then blend. Store-bought hot sauces have nothing on this!

Get the recipe here.

Homemade BBQ Sauce

All the sweet and savory joy of BBQ sauce is made lighter and healthier.

A few store cupboard ingredients, spices, and seasonings are simply simmered to tangy perfection. Perhaps your steak is missing something but you don’t want to rely on store-bought condiments to improve it?

Perhaps you just like your sauces with a lot more flavor and a lot less sugar? Whatever the reason, this recipe is one to keep in your back pocket.

Get the recipe here.

Garlic Aioli 

If you like your steak sauces rich and creamy, look no further. This super speedy recipe will help you turn that Whole30-friendly mayonnaise into a gourmet garlic aioli.

Freshly minced garlic pairs perfectly with sharp lemon juice in this light and lovely sauce. You’ll need no more than a few seconds to whip it up before dipping your juicy steak.

Get the recipe here.

Pico De Gallo (Mexican Salsa)

A fresh, crisp, and summery salsa to pair with your steak. This low-fat and incredibly nutritious pico de gallo recipe is fast, easy, and tasty enough to eat on its own.

Sweet tomatoes, hot chili peppers, fragrant garlic, and fresh cilantro ensure this is a light and bright sauce to balance rich meaty tastes. Simply dice, stir, and leave those Mexican-inspired flavors to develop while your steak cooks.

Get the recipe here.

Asian Steak Marinade

For a simple way to add some zing to your steak dinner, this might just be the perfect marinade. This recipe offers tastes of sour, sweet, savory, and spicy all at once without any nasty or unnecessary ingredients.

Soak your raw steak in the mixture for 1-4 hours to impart punchy flavor into every bite. Don’t forget to use any leftover marinade as a quick and easy sauce to serve with the steak.

Get the recipe here.

Adobo Sauce (Mexican BBQ Sauce)

A bold, spicy, and garlicky sauce inspired by traditional Mexican cooking.

This recipe uses dried ancho chilis for warmth and deep flavor, ramped up with fresh garlic and cider vinegar. It’s quick and simple to make and can be kept nicely in the fridge until your next steak dinner.

Your grilled meats will be singing after a spoonful of this rich and spicy sauce, it’s like a taste of Mexico in your own kitchen.

Get the recipe here.

Healthy Hollandaise Sauce

Can Hollandaise ever be healthy? Smart use of unsweetened applesauce and cornstarch in this recipe makes sure it can.

Stronger ingredients like mustard, lemon juice, and Tabasco ensure there is plenty of bold flavor without a heavy dose of butter or oil. With just a few minutes of prep, you can enjoy a generous dollop of Hollandaise sauce with your steak without weighing yourself down.

You will not believe how easy this gourmet-style sauce is!

Get the recipe here.

Compound Butter

Steak sauces don’t have to be complicated. Sometimes a pad of butter melting over that grilled meat is all you need.

This recipe celebrates such simplicity and lifts it to the next level. Its natural flavors will jazz up any steak, without anything unhealthy or artificial.

Fresh herbs, seasonings, and roasted garlic will help you make a beautiful flavored butter to keep chilled (or even frozen) until your next steak dinner.

Get the recipe here.

Steak Sauce

A tasty, balanced, and healthier steak sauce. Made using prune juice to cut down on sugar and artificial flavorings, this smart steak sauce is one you’ll keep coming back to. Its tangy taste is a perfect contrast against a meaty steak, and much better than store-bought.

You will need just a few minutes to simmer the ingredients into a sauce to enjoy warm or cold on your favorite steak dishes any time!

Get the recipe here.

Tomato Gravy

Why not try some southern-style cooking for your next steak dinner? This classic tomato gravy recipe is beautifully balanced and makes for a healthier alternative to other steak sauces.

It’s made thick and creamy with a classic roux, and richly flavored thanks to chicken broth and sweet tomatoes. Lighter and tastier than your average southern gravy, make a big batch of this ahead of time, and enjoy a generous spoonful over your grilled meat.

Get the recipe here.

Steak Marinade

This might just be the tastiest way to flavor your steak before you even think about cooking it!

A light, healthy, blended marinade that will elevate grilled meat to the next level. Nutritious garlic, ginger, and sesame oil meld perfectly with bold sriracha and soy sauce for a beautifully balanced marinade.

Prepare it ahead of your next BBQ, letting the steaks gently marinate for a few hours before cooking. You can even use leftover marinade as a quick sauce!

Get the recipe here.

Avocado Crema

Creamy, tangy, and healthy! This avocado crema cleverly combines the fun of chunky guacamole and sharp sour cream into one simple sauce. Avocados’ natural creamy texture helps make this vibrant green sauce feel luxurious without adding excess calories.

Add a spritz of lemon and a generous handful of leafy cilantro for a naturally punchy flavor. With this recipe, you won’t miss the salt and additives of store-bought brands!

Get the recipe here.

Mushroom Gravy

Classic, creamy, and a great way to boost your vegetable intake. Meaty mushrooms are always a great partner for steak, and this light buttery sauce makes them even tastier.

This recipe will help you make a thick, creamy, and savory sauce without heavy cream or excess oil. A simple roux and some gentle seasoning with fragrant nutmeg will make those mushrooms sing and pair perfectly with your grilled steak.

Get the recipe here.

Creamy Dill Sauce

Dill does not need to be restricted to fish dishes. This fresh and fragrant herb is an ideal seasoning for grilled meat, adding full-on flavor without the calories.

Protein-powered Greek yogurt creates the base of this creamy sauce with just a little mayonnaise for richness. A bright handful of dill and a few drops of lemon juice round out this ideal steak sauce while keeping it light and nutritious.

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Tahini Sauce 

Made with a popular Mediterranean sesame paste, this tahini sauce could just be a bold new dip for your next steak dinner.

The recipe uses only four budget-friendly ingredients to ensure maximum flavor with minimal effort. The taste of natural goodness makes this nutritious sauce even more joyful to eat. It’s savory, sharp, and fragrant with no unhealthy junk added.

An ideal smooth sauce to generously drizzle over grilled meat.

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