22 Healthy Lamb Recipes You Need to Try

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If you’re looking for a healthy lamb dishes that still taste amazing then you’re in luck.

This roundup contains 22 delicious lamb recipes from various types of cuisines that you can enjoy guilt-free.

Sardinian Fregola with Lamb

A nutritious lamb dish overflowing with Italian flavors. This recipe uses fregola, a particular kind of tiny Sardinian-style pasta that perfectly laps up the sauce it sits in.

Lean lamb is cooked quickly and lightly with rich sun-dried tomatoes, white wine, and olive oil to create a bold bowlful of Mediterranean goodness. Don’t forget to sprinkle over a generous handful of pecorino romano cheese!

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Gyro Salad

Meaty lamb gyros and zingy sauce made healthier!

A crisp bed of red leaf lettuce perfectly cradles sweet cherry tomatoes, crunchy cucumber, and juicy grilled skewers of lamb.

Each bite of these lean lamb gyros is laced with a blend of sweet cinnamon, earthy oregano, fragrant onion, and bold garlic. This protein-packed salad gets even more flavor from creamy tzatziki sauce and sharp feta cheese.

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Mediterranean Lamb Meatballs with Red Pepper Hummus and Cauliflower Tabbouleh

A delicious and colorful new way to enjoy lamb. Ground lamb is perfumed by Mediterranean dried herbs and smoky cumin before being rolled into balls and baked.

Crunchy lettuce leaves dressed in zesty lemon, herby cauliflower tabbouleh, and sesame-spiked pepper hummus makes an ideal nest for these succulent lamb meatballs. Feel free to add lashings of fresh cilantro or Greek yogurt to garnish too!

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Spicy Lamb Flatbread

An easy lunch or light dinner that packs a protein punch. Savory lamb mince is pan-fried with fiber-rich lentils and hot harissa to make a healthy topping for flatbreads.

Dress them up with crisp salad leaves, freshly chopped chili, and crumbled feta cheese too if you like! It’s all the joy of classic Greek-style flatbreads with all the goodness of a summer salad.

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Mini Lamb Tacos

Take taco night up a notch. Add Mediterranean flavor to your typical tacos with this recipe and its fresh spin on a Mexican favorite. Ground lamb makes an ideal filling when sauteed with olives, herbs, and spices.

Street-food-style taco shells, herby yogurt sauce, and a generous crumbling of tangy feta cheese will help you make this a meal for the whole family.

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Lamb Steaks Salad

Enjoy the full flavor of lean lamb with fresh sizzling steaks. This seasonal salad celebrates the ingredients of late winter. Juicy blood oranges, baby beetroot, and radicchio make great partners for the succulent lamb.

A hot horseradish and honey dressing will add even more flavor. This recipe will help you make a salad that is as satisfying as it is healthy and nutritious.

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Sheet Pan Zesty Lamb Chops and Cauliflower

A lighter way to love meat and vegetables. You’ll need just a few minutes of effort and you can leave the rest to your oven!

Resting the lamb loin chops and cauliflower florets together in a zesty, garlicky, herby marinade before cooking is the secret to this dish’s full flavor. Serve it up with fresh tzatziki sauce and popping pink pomegranate seeds.

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Low Carb Shepherd’s Pie Soup

Classic hearty winter food made lighter and lower-carb. This shepherd’s pie soup is both faster and easier to make than the traditional baked dish.

Ground lamb, frozen vegetables, beef broth, and dried herbs ensure it has the flavor of a shepherd’s pie while cauliflower lightens things up. Sour cream and cheddar cheese will make your soup rich and satisfying without adding unnecessary carbohydrates.

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Turkish Kofta Kebab Grilled Beef and Lamb Skewers

Mediterranean-style kebabs in your own kitchen! Fragrant sumac-spiced onion salad is perfectly paired with generously seasoned meat. Lean lamb and beef are dressed up with turmeric, sumac, and more to create tasty Turkish-style kebabs.

With this recipe, you can enjoy the gorgeous flavors of grilling without the heaviness or excess. Don’t forget to drizzle over some healthy tahini too!

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Middle Eastern Curried Lamb Meatballs

All the warmth and comfort of a rich curry, bursting with natural nutrition. A clever combination of ground lamb, beef, and fresh bread will help you prepare soft and juicy baked meatballs.

Enjoy the gently spiced meaty flavors without the usual fattiness of other recipes. Cradle with a lightly creamy saffron tomato sauce and serve over a spoonful of fluffy couscous.

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Stuffed Leg of Lamb with Raisins, Spinach and Pine Nuts

A special occasion dish that’s as healthy as it is delicious! Get yourself a generous leg of lamb to roast, bursting with a stunning Persian-inspired stuffing.

Creamy pine nuts, bold garlic, fresh basil, and sweet raisins will help flavor the meat perfectly and healthily. In just a couple of hours, you’ll have a truly special centerpiece. Naturally indulgent flavors with no need for heavy extras.

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Croatian Lamb Peka

Slow-cooked succulent lamb with soft potatoes and roasted vegetables. This Croatian-style dish is a Sunday dinner dream. Zucchini, carrot, aubergine, and onion are nestled among chunks of diced lamb and cooked to aromatic perfection.

Heart-healthy olive oil, sweet white wine, and fresh herbs all add sunny flavors without excess salt or calories. Enjoy the comfort of a slow-roasted dinner that’s also packed with goodness!

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Low Carb Gyros Bowl

Lean gyros without heavy carbs that you can make in less than half an hour.

Aromatic oregano adds that iconic Greek flavor to this recipe’s lamb and beef gyros. Let your oven do the cooking while you quickly whip up a refreshing tzatziki sauce.

It adds a tangy and creamy flavor thanks to yogurt and garlic that’s ideal for dressing meat and salad.

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Mutton Karahi

Indian-inspired lamb that’s rich in flavor and healthy nutrients. This recipe makes beautifully balanced use of savory meat and traditional warm Indian spices.

Green chilies, bold garlic, and zingy ginger add heat while keeping this dish light and nutritious. A clever combination of sweet tomatoes and creamy yogurt help add a delicious body to the sauce too!

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Gluten-Free Lamb Gyro Wraps

Tasty takeout-style dinner that you can make on a budget. Turn that ground lamb into something special with this homemade gluten-free lamb gyro recipe.

Dried herbs and minced garlic add great Greek-inspired flavor to the meat before roasting. Meanwhile, you can stir up a healthy yogurt-based sauce to dress up that fresh cucumber and tomato salad. Serve as is, or generously piled into a gluten-free pita.

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Lamb Shish Kabobs with Grilled Vegetables

Gorgeous grilled shish kabobs with juicy lamb. This recipe makes grilling even more delicious thanks to subtle savory spices and a rich red wine marinade.

Tender diced leg of lamb is skewered into kabobs with sweet bell pepper, earthy mushrooms, and aromatic onion. After resting the marinating lamb overnight, grill it for just a few minutes to enjoy a delicious dinner full of grilled goodness.

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Greek Salad Bowls with Spiced Lamb Burgers

Salad doesn’t have to be boring! Level up your healthy dinner with this recipe. Crisp and refreshing lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes make a perfect base to elevate with salty Kalamata olives and sharp feta cheese.

Bring everything together with a succulent spiced lamb burger for flavor and protein! Cook up these garlicky oregano-scented lamb patties and drizzle over some fresh yogurt sauce before serving.

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Hungarian Lamb Goulash

Inspired by a traditional Hungarian dish, this Goulash recipe makes lamb the star of the show. Diced lean lamb and rich lamb stock impart deep meaty flavor to this healthy soup.

Bite-sized vegetables nestle among paprika-spiced tomato and lamb broth to add both bulk and vitamins. With this low-and-slow dish, you’ll have the depth of a pot roast with the wholesome goodness of soup.

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Welsh Lamb Cawl

Singing the praises of hearty potatoes, tender lamb, and the world-famous Welsh leek, this Cawl is a cold-weather essential.

Savory lamb stock brings a healthy glut of vegetables together with diced lamb shoulder to create a satisfying soup.

Simply brown the meat, deglaze the pan to flavor your veggies, and then leave it to gently bubble on the stove until dinner time.

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Instant Pot Lamb Shanks

Want the deep and comforting flavors of a pot roast without the hours it takes to cook? This recipe is one to bookmark for later.

Cook everything together in your pressure cooker for maximum efficiency and flavor. Your lamb shanks will be quick-cooked to tender perfection in a heady red wine and tomato sauce with sweet carrots and salty olives.

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Lamb Korma

This clever curry skips the dairy but retains all of that luscious Korma creaminess. Marinate a meaty leg of lamb with creamy coconut yogurt and a generous helping of mixed Indian spices.

Cook it gently until tender in a pot of sweetly spiced curry sauce made thick and flavorful thanks to beef broth and cashew cream. It’s a celebration of rich Indian dishes made surprisingly healthy!

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Middle Eastern Lamb Stew 

Spicy and satisfying. This Middle Eastern-inspired stew makes delicious use of quick lamb meatballs with a multitude of spices and scents.

Savory bone broth brings together flavors of sweet onions, zingy ginger, bold garlic, and warm garam masala to create a hearty sauce for the juicy lamb. Spoon some sour cream and fresh cilantro on top to garnish to perfection!

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