Mediterranean Diet Macros: What’s the Best Ratio?

The Mediterranean Diet, revered globally for its health benefits and rich flavors, emphasizes a balanced and beneficial mix of macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.  Although it doesn’t prescribe specific percentages for each macronutrient, it does have general guidelines on the types of foods and how often they should be eaten, which then gives basic percentages … Read more

An Ultimate Guide to Protein Shakes on the Mediterranean Diet

Although protein shakes aren’t a traditional component of a Mediterranean diet, you might be considering adding one to it to improve your protein intake or simply because you’ve always taken one. However, there are many different types of shakes around and there are some considerations that make certain shakes more Mediterranean-friendly. This article will cover … Read more

Can You Eat Butter on the Mediterranean Diet?

Butter is a favorite spread across the world. Cooking with it brings out some fantastic flavor. However, it is high in saturated fat, which doesn’t align with the principles of the Mediterranean diet, plus some will think it will cause weight gain. If you’re following a Mediterranean diet, this article will help clear up whether … Read more

Considerations on Mediterranean Diet for Over 50s

The Mediterranean diet is one of the most recommended diets, particularly because of its health benefits. This makes it especially useful for older adults and the elderly. However, certain factors factor in more if you’re older. This article will cover important considerations for those over 50 starting a Mediterranean diet. Eat Sufficient Protein Protein is … Read more

Can You Eat Tortilla Chips on the Mediterranean Diet?

Tortilla chips are a popular Mexican snack made from corn tortillas that are deep-fried or baked.  Since they are found in Mexican cuisine and wouldn’t be found in traditional Mediterranean cuisines, you might be wondering if you can eat them on the Mediterranean diet. This article will cover whether you can and should eat them … Read more