15 Amazing Salmon and Shrimp Recipes For Seafood Lovers

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These two beloved seafood staples are celebrated for their versatility, succulent flavors, and numerous health benefits.

But how about combining them together?

Whether you’re craving a cozy comfort pasta dish, a hearty bake or an interesting salmon shrimp fishcake with a twist, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of our favorite salmon shrimp recipes.

Creamy Prawn-Stuffed Salmon with Wilted Garlicky Spinach, Smoky Pancetta, Rosemary and Parmesan

This Creamy Prawn-Stuffed Salmon with Wilted Garlicky Spinach, Smoky Pancetta, Rosemary and Parmesan is an easy yet luxurious dish perfect for dinner parties or a special family meal. 

Ready in 30 minutes, these succulent salmon fillets are stuffed with a divine mix of prawns, crème fraîche, and Parmesan cheese. The fillets are then lovingly draped with smoky pancetta and baked with sprigs of rosemary for an added depth of flavor. 

I love how the wilted spinach with garlic complements the richness of the salmon and prawns. There is such a blend of tastes and textures, and definitely one you should try.

Salmon and Prawn Linguine

Creamy Salmon Pasta with Mixed Greens is a versatile dish that marries the tender flesh of salmon with the freshness of spinach, arugula, and watercress. 

The salmon is seared in a skillet, giving it an extra layer of flavor.

The white wine cream sauce is a winner, providing a delicate balance to the robust flavors of the salmon and greens. 

If you’re looking to enjoy something that’s both nutritious and flavor-packed without spending hours in the kitchen, this is the recipe for you.

Salmon + Shrimp Sushi Bake

Citronette presents a delectable Salmon and Shrimp Sushi Bake, a creative twist on traditional sushi. 

This oven-baked dish features Atlantic salmon and shrimp combined with Kewpie mayonnaise, sesame oil, sriracha, tobiko (fish roe), and furikake atop a bed of sushi rice. 

The dish is baked for a savory, flavorful finish, and can be served with Korean seaweed wraps, sliced avocado, and cucumber. 

With customizable spiciness and texture, this Sushi Bake is an accessible way to enjoy the rich flavors of sushi in a casserole form. 

A perfect recipe for those seeking to explore the fusion of traditional Asian flavors with a modern twist.

Creamy Garlic Salmon and Shrimp

Creamy Garlic Salmon and Shrimp is an all-in-one meal that’s perfect for when you’re craving something rich yet uncomplicated. 

The freshness of salmon and shrimp shines through the creamy garlic sauce, creating a balanced taste. 

The use of spinach adds a touch of earthiness and a burst of color that contrasts beautifully with the pink hues of the seafood, whilst the parmesan cheese gives the sauce a slightly tangy and savory kick. 

It’s a versatile dish that pairs well with jasmine rice, mashed potatoes, or even pasta. If you’re looking for an easy, creamy, and satisfying meal, this recipe is a must-try.

Creamy Tuscan Salmon Shrimp Pasta

The Creamy Tuscan Salmon Shrimp Pasta is an enticing dish that beautifully combines the flavors of the Mediterranean.

Perfect for those looking to explore the Mediterranean diet, the use of sundried tomatoes adds a rich, umami flavor that pairs incredibly well with the creaminess of the sauce.

The luscious cream sauce, with options for dairy-free alternatives, adds depth and richness. 

Ready in just 25 minutes, it is not only tastes amazing but it’s also practical for a busy lifestyle.

Seared Salmon and Shrimp with Creamy Dijon Dill Sauce

This is one of those dishes that is perfect for those who have family members that aren’t so keen on fish.

It’s all in the sauce, and this dish gets the sauce spot on. The creamy dijon dill sauce is super easy to make and tastes delicious, adding a nice tanginess to the salmon.

It pairs tangy Dijon mustard with fresh dill, adding an exquisite depth of flavor that even those who are not particularly fond of salmon will appreciate. 

It takes less than 30 minutes in total and is great for those wanting to eat healthily but just find the time vanishes during the evenings.

Baked Shrimp Salmon

This Baked Shrimp Salmon recipe is an excellent option for those looking to savor a wholesome and flavorsome meal. 

Comprising fresh salmon fillets, shrimp, asparagus, lemon, and butter, with a delightful seasoning mix, this dish is both nourishing and tantalizing. I

t’s incredibly simple to prepare, requiring just a single baking sheet and approximately 15 minutes of baking time. 

It’s a great one to eat as part of the Mediterranean diet – there’s the fish with lots of omega-3s, lots of vitamins and minerals from the asparagus 

As part of a Mediterranean diet, the recipe’s incorporation of seafood, asparagus, and full of heart healthy olive oil.

Ideal for a romantic dinner or a family gathering, this dish offers a perfect balance between taste and nutrition.

Shrimp Stuffed Salmon

Comprising salmon fillets stuffed with a creamy mixture of shrimp, garlic, mayonnaise, Parmesan, and mozzarella cheese, this dish is a delightful amalgamation of textures and flavors. 

The salmon and shrimp combo provides loads of protein and adds an interesting twist to your classic baked salmon. 

It’s a relatively easy one to prepare and takes a little over 30 minutes. It’s great for both weeknights and those special occasions.

Cajun Salmon and Shrimp

Requiring just 20 minutes to prepare, this recipe features tender salmon and juicy shrimp, seasoned with a homemade Cajun blend. T

The sumptuous Cajun cream sauce made with heavy cream, garlic, lemon juice, and Parmesan cheese really shines here. 

If you’re looking for something a little lower in carbs, or want a great, quick meal for a special occasion, this is a good one to have ready.

Serve alongside some mashed potatoes or salad for a full meal.

Salmon New Orleans

Salmon New Orleans is an exquisite one-pan dish that brings together the delightful flavors of salmon and shrimp, harmonized in a honey garlic butter sauce. 

Inspired by Red Lobster’s version, features salmon filets seasoned with Cajun spices and lemon, topped with sautéed shrimp. 

The Cajun butter sauce combines honey, butter, garlic, lemon, and thyme to create a savory-sweet sauce that adds depth and richness. 

It’s a must-try when you want that restaurant-quality seafood dish at home.

Braided Salmon With Shrimp & Crab Meat

Dive into the rich flavors of the Mediterranean with this exquisite Braided Salmon with Shrimp & Crab Meat recipe. 

This dish boasts a harmonious blend of seafood, seasoned meticulously with ingredients like garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, and Old Bay seasoning. 

The recipe features succulent salmon, tender shrimp, and luscious crab meat, layered to create a sumptuous, braided seafood masterpiece. 

Perfect for a special occasion or a lavish weeknight dinner, this recipe brings a luxurious touch to your table.

Coconut Miso Salmon with Shrimp

Indulge in a delightful combination of flavors with the Coconut Miso Salmon with Shrimp recipe. 

In under 30 minutes, this one-pot dish merges the tender texture of salmon and shrimp with an aromatic and creamy coconut miso sauce.

There’s so much going on with the dish – the richness of coconut milk, the umami from miso paste, and the tanginess of lime juice.

 It’s an easily adaptable dish that permits the addition of vegetables and suits different types of fish.

Perfect for a quick weeknight dinner or a casual gathering, this dish offers both comfort and a burst of flavor, while remaining light and delicate.

Teriyaki Salmon + Shrimp Fried Rice Pineapple

This Teriyaki Salmon and Shrimp Fried Rice Pineapple Bowl is a refreshing and tropical-inspired dish perfect for summer. 

The recipe combines succulent salmon with plump shrimp, tossed in a flavorful teriyaki sauce, which is then served atop fried rice loaded with veggies and housed in pineapple bowls.

This dish boasts a medley of textures and flavors, incorporating elements of sweetness from the pineapple and honey, and umami from the teriyaki and soy sauces. 

It’s relatively easy to prepare, taking approximately 45 minutes, and presents an innovative way to enjoy a nutritious meal that is as visually engaging as it is delicious. 

It’s perfect for those looking to experiment with unique presentations and seeking a fusion of tropical and Asian flavors.

Salmon and Shrimp Cakes

For a  delightful twist to the classic fish cake, we think you should definitely try these Salmon and Shrimp Cakes.

It’s ready in just 40 minutes and is great for a wholesome meal that doesn’t skimp on taste.

The rich flavors of salmon and shrimp are complemented by a tangy blend of Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, and Worcestershire sauce, with the panko bread adding that much-needed crispy texture.

Give it a try and indulge in the bounties of the sea with a Mediterranean twist.

Shrimp and Salmon Poke Bowl 

This Poke Bowl Recipe with Shrimp and Salmon combines cooked seafood, brown rice, and fresh vegetables for a flavorful and satisfying meal. 

With a base of nutty brown rice, the recipe features shrimp marinated in lime juice and golden salmon cooked in avocado oil. It incorporates edamame, cucumber, radishes, and creamy avocado slices. 

The bowls are topped with spicy mayonnaise, crushed tempura seaweed, and sesame seeds for an extra kick and crunch. 

Quick to prepare, this poke bowl is an excellent option for a nutritious meal.

Yield: 4-6

16 Amazing Salmon and Shrimp Recipes For Seafood Lovers

16 Amazing Salmon and Shrimp Recipes For Seafood Lovers

These salmon and shrimp recipes are perfect for those who want even more seafood in their dishes! Loaded with omega-3s and flavor, these are super healthy and convenient.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • Creamy Prawn-Stuffed Salmon with Wilted Garlicky Spinach, Smoky Pancetta, Rosemary and Parmesan
  • Salmon and Prawn Linguine
  • Creamy Salmon Pasta with Mixed Greens
  • Salmon + Shrimp Sushi Bake
  • Creamy Garlic Salmon and Shrimp
  • Creamy Tuscan Salmon Shrimp Pasta
  • Seared Salmon and Shrimp with Creamy Dijon Dill Sauce
  • Baked Shrimp Salmon
  • Shrimp Stuffed Salmon
  • Cajun Salmon and Shrimp
  • Salmon New Orleans
  • Braided Salmon With Shrimp & Crab Meat
  • Coconut Miso Salmon with Shrimp
  • Teriyaki Salmon + Shrimp Fried Rice Pineapple
  • Salmon and Shrimp Cakes
  • Shrimp and Salmon Poke Bowl


1. Choose your favorite recipes.

2. Get ingredients and follow the instructions.

3. Create a tasty Salmon and Shrimp recipe.


Which of these recipes was your favorite? Let me know in the comment section, on our Facebook page or on Pinterest!

To Sum Up

Whether you’re looking for a classic shrimp and salmon traybake or something a hearty salmon and shrimp fishcake, there’s something to choose from for everyone here.

Pick your favorite and enjoy these stress-free salmon and shrimp recipes.

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