7 Day Mediterranean DASH Diet Meal Plan (PDF + Menu)

The Mediterranean diet and the dash diet are two of the most recommended diets to follow, primarily due to the amount of scientific backing they have. Although there are some slight differences between the two diets, both can be combined into one, with salt and sodium considerations taken from the DASH diet and the style … Read more

7 Day Cucumber Diet Meal Plan (PDF + Alternative)

The cucumber diet is a short-term, fad diet that promises quick weight loss.  It involves substituting the majority of food with cucumbers, whilst minimizing other fruits and vegetables. It typically pairs the cucumbers with protein-rich foods like eggs, meat and nuts. Although cucumbers are a healthy food to eat, restricting lots of foods for them … Read more

7 Day Ozempic Diet Meal Plan (PDF & Menu)

Although there is no Ozempic-specific diet, there are important things to consider and eat to make the most out of your time on the drug. This includes eating the right foods for both health and weight. In particular, certain foods can help you stay full for longer so you naturally reduce your calorie intake. This … Read more

7 Day Lupus Diet Meal Plan (PDF & Menu)

Diet can help play a big role in managing lupus, an autoimmune disease characterized by chronic inflammation and immune system dysfunction. While diet alone cannot cure lupus, making dietary changes can help reduce symptoms and minimize inflammation. By incorporating anti-inflammatory foods, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants within a balanced diet, individuals with lupus can help … Read more

7 Day Saxenda Diet Meal Plan (PDF + Menu)

Saxenda is a prescription medication used for weight management. Eating a balanced, healthy diet is important when taking Saxenda to ensure you feed your body with the essential nutrients and energy it needs. When Saxenda is used in combination with a good diet, it can help support weight loss and contribute long-term health benefits. This … Read more

7 Day Green Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan (PDF + Menu)

The Green Mediterranean Diet is a healthy and sustainable approach to eating that can provide a number of health benefits. It follows a similar eating pattern to a traditional Mediterranean diet, but with more emphasis on eating plant-based foods and completely eliminating red and processed meat. This article will cover the basics of following a … Read more