How to Reheat Quinoa [5 Methods]

Quinoa is often referred to as a grain, but it’s actually a harvestable seed that forms a significant part of the South American diet. These days quinoa can be found in every dish you look at in salads, sides, fried like rice, and even in protein shakes. Quinoa is called a ‘whole protein,’ meaning it’s … Read more

How to Cut Manchego Cheese [Definitive Guide]

Manchego cheese, it’s been on the culinary scene since forever, but it’s only in recent times that this Spanish cheese is beginning to be truly appreciated. More and more, we’re seeing Manchego on the table, but how do you serve it, and are there any secrets on how to cut Manchego cheese? How to Cut … Read more

7 Day Blue Zone Diet Meal Plan (PDF + Menu)

A Blue Zone diet is considered one of the healthiest to follow for health and longevity. Blue Zones are places where people live much longer than typically found elsewhere in the world. They produce higher than average centanarians and fewer health conditions into their older years. The Blue Zone includes regions like Okinawa (Japan), Sardinia … Read more

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