How to Reheat Lamb Chops [Definitive Guide]

Who doesn’t love a juicy, crispy, tender lamb chop? Lamb chops are favored worldwide as one of the first-choice proteins for dinner or at a backyard BBQ. Simple to cook, lamb chops don’t need much more than a medium to hot heat and a few minutes either side before they are ready to be devoured. … Read more

How to Reheat Calamari [5 Different Ways]

Calamari or Squid, as it is otherwise known, is always a favorite choice for seafood lovers. It’s caught in most parts of Southern Europe, mainly in the Mediterranean Sea, and this is where it is said that the best calamari comes from. The general rule for cooking calamari should either be done quickly or very … Read more

How to Reheat Empanadas [Definitive Guide]

Empanadas are delicious, savory filled, buttery pastry fold-over pies. They are usually filled with a tasty savory filling, then baked or fried until golden brown.  The fillings range from beef or pork to a spiced vegetable or even some seafood. It all depends where you are in Latin America ordering one. Empanadas have been a … Read more

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