6 Tasty Canned Potato Recipes (When You Don’t Have Time)

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When you don’t have time to prep, peel and cook potatoes, canned potatoes are the way to go.

They can save so much time and as long as the recipe doesn’t require raw potatoes, you can substitute them in.

So if you’re looking for a tasty and quick meal using canned potatoes, then check out these recipes below.

Dum Aloo Potato Curry

source: krumpli.co.uk

This recipe dives into a delicious potato-based North Indian and Bangladeshi dish – Dum Aloo Potato Curry, and it’s a treat!

This is a fantastic vegetarian curry made with tinned potatoes smothered in a robust tomato gravy.

For this version of Dum Aloo, we are using new potatoes fried in ghee, then finished off in a gorgeously spiced tomato gravy thickened with cashew nuts. Opting for tinned potatoes saves the hassle of boiling and peeling.

Dum Aloo works very well when using peeled baby potatoes. Still, tinned potatoes also work beautifully in this dish as they taste great, have a wonderful texture, and save preparation time.

Curries are always great if you want to make a dish in advance, and it tastes even better when the flavors are left to develop. 

A saucy curry like Dum Aloo always needs something like flatbread or rice to mop up some of the tasty sauce.

So, get your kitchen gear ready and let’s curry on!

Chicken Pot Pie Soup One Pan

source: 24bite.com

This Chicken Pot Pie Soup recipe is the height of comfort food and one of the easiest you’ll make. Why? Well, it’s all about canned ingredients and the magic of one-pan convenience!

As well as canned potatoes, you can use canned chicken, although any chicken you have on hand will do. 

For the veggies, you can use frozen mixed vegetables, but canned is fine if that’s all you have. 

You can also use chicken bouillon and water to build up the flavor, but feel free to replace it with chicken stock or broth.

Gnocchi really starts in this dish though to mimic the pie crust in a traditional pot pie. It’s delicious.

This only takes about 30 minutes. And a hearty, warming Chicken Pot Pie Soup is great as a midweek dinner. Serve it straight from the pan and get ready for all those compliments.

Creamy Crock Pot Chicken Stew with Potatoes, Carrots and Tomatoes

source: twohealthykitchens.com

This Creamy Crock Pot Chicken Stew transforms the classic recipe into this delicious, comforting stew. It’s really easy to put together and 

The canned potatoes really quicken up this recipe. Fresh potatoes work with regards to taste, but there really isn’t that much difference.

Frozen veggies are also used here. They soften better than fresh, particularly if you aren’t cooking as long as the suggested cooking times.

It’s just a case of loading the slow cooker with the ingredients, let cook on low for 6-8 hours (4-6 on high) and you’ve got a hearty, comforting stew that everyone will love.

It’s also really healthy. Make sure you choose some whole grain bread (we’re always big fans of eating whole grains on the Mediterranean diet) to serve for an even healthier meal!

Loaded Air Fried Chicken and Potatoes

source: masonfit.com

Ready in 20 minutes and high in protein, say hello to this Air Fried Chicken and Potatoes recipe! 

It’s super simple, containing just four ingredients, plus spices – boneless skinless chicken breast, a can of whole new potatoes, precooked bacon, and reduced fat shredded cheddar.

It simply involves cubing the chicken and cutting the canned potatoes into small pieces. Toss with olive oil salt, black pepper and paprika. If you have a chicken seasoning you really want to use though, feel free to add it in!

Then you just air fry the chicken and potatoes for 10 minutes at 400F until the chicken is cooked. Top with the shredded cheese and bacon, air fry for a few extra minutes until the cheese melts and the bacon crisps up.

No air fryer? No problem! You can still use the oven with similar timings. 

And there you have it! A protei-packed dinner, perfect for when you want something quick and a little more indulgent.

Canned Mashed Potatoes

source: thequickerkitchen.com

If you need a quick and comforting side dish, these canned mashed potatoes are such a good choice. 

They are fast and flavorful, and who can resist a bowl of creamy, buttery mashed potatoes? Ready in 10 minutes? That sounds like a good deal!

To make, you simply need your canned potatoes, milk, garlic powder, salt, pepper and some butter to serve. You drain the canned potatoes and simmer in milk and once heated, mash until smooth.

Simply add the seasonings and that’s all there is to it! They are particularly great for thick stews (which you’ll definitely find on the Mediterranean diet)

When you’re too busy and need a great side dish, but want something with a little more flavor, these fit the bill.

Air Fryer Canned Potatoes

source: katykicker.com

If you’re short on time and don’t fancy peeling or prepping fresh air potatoes, these Air Fryer Canned Potatoes are the side dish for you.

You can use all kinds of spices, but some olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and dried parsley are used here. If you want an extra kick, you can add in some extra paprika, or add some rosemary for a slightly mint-like taste.

And if you’re feeling really indulgent, you can add in some grated parmesan when they’re hot out of the fryer.

It’s just a case of popping the potatoes in the air fryer with some oil and seasoning at 360F for 12 minutes, add the spices, then cook for a further 10 minutes at 390F. Easy peasy!

This delivers the nice crispiness you want from your potatoes. And all ready for whatever dish you want to pair them with.

Yield: 4-6

Canned Potato Recipes

Canned Potato Recipes

These canned potato recipes are perfect for when you're looking to save time, but still want to enjoy a tasty meal.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • Dum Aloo Potato Curry
  • Chicken Pot Pie Soup One Pan
  • Creamy Crock Pot Chicken Stew with Potatoes, Carrots and Tomatoes
  • Loaded Air Fried Chicken and Potatoes
  • Canned Mashed Potatoes
  • Air Fryer Canned Potatoes


  1. Choose your favorite recipes.
  2. Get ingredients and follow the instructions.
  3. Create a tasty canned potato recipe.


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Canned Potatoes Recipes Summary

When you’re looking for a great meal in a short amount of time, canned potatoes fit the bill!

Whether you’re mashing them or using them as part of a curry, there are so many good reasons to use them.

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