18 Mouth-Watering Canned Pork Recipes to Try

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When everyone is looking for convenience, canned products like canned pork are the unsung hero among pantry staples!

You can create all kinds of delicious recipes with it, from savory stews to sandwiches that stack flavors as high as the bread, these recipes make canned pork the star you never thought it could.

Whether you’re looking for a quick dinner as a busy parent or something a little more adventurous, this article contains 18 of the best canned pork recipes you’ll find.

Peppy Baked Beans

It’s an easy meal, and although the baking time is 90 minutes, all the prep work is easy and straightforward.

These beans lend themselves to being made in large batches and are very freezer-friendly, so it’s perfect for summer barbecues or a convenient, reheatable side.

Stewed Pork Cabbage Rice

This Stewed Pork and Vegetable Rice recipe is ideal for anyone seeking a hassle-free, satisfying, and flavorful meal that’s also packed with nutrients.

It features tender pork, aromatic garlic and ginger, and nutritious cabbage and mushrooms. The addition of both dark and light soy sauce lends depth, while the butter gives a silky finish. 

The final garnish of coriander and chili slices brightens the flavor of the rich and sweet pork and cabbage, and leaves you feeling satisfied and nourished.

Pork and Pinto Bean Soup

The Pork and Pinto Bean Soup is a hearty and vegetable-rich stew, ideal for warming up on cold days.

It’s packed with flavor thanks to spices like chili powder and cumin, and while this soup utilizes canned pork for ease, a variety of vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals. 

You can easily adjust the spice level to your taste and add in whatever vegetables you find in your fridge – it’s highly versatile and can be tailored to different preferences. 

To make it even healthier, use low-sodium products.

Crispy Pork & Rice

With 450 calories per serving, this Crispy Pork & Rice dish balances protein, fats, and carbohydrates, providing a nutritionally dense option that doesn’t compromise on taste. 

Its combination of crispy pork and aromatic rice makes it a must-try for anyone seeking a satisfying and adaptable recipe.

It’s flavorful and versatile, easily adapted to personal preferences by simply varying the spice blend or the vegetables used.

This recipe uses canned pork, rice, and a delightful mix of vegetables and spices, and it introduces an optional Pear Sauce for an extra layer of sweet, floral flavor. 

It is not only economical but also makes use of pantry staples, making it a convenient option for a wholesome, weeknight meal on the fly.

Authentic Cuban Pork Sandwich

This Cuban Pork Sandwich, or Cubano, offers the taste of Cuban cuisine with the convenience of canned pork. 

it combines succulent, tender pork with a tangy mayo-mustard sauce spiked with cayenne pepper, layered with Swiss cheese, smoked ham, and dill pickles between hoagie (Cuban bread), or whatever you can find at your local store. 

The recipe is simple and quick to make due to the use of fully-cooked pork, making it an ideal choice for a satisfying weeknight meal that comes together without the extensive preparation required by a traditional Cubano sandwich. 

The mix of flavors and textures – from the rich pork and cheese to the zesty sauce and crunchy pickles – make this a sandwich worth trying for those seeking a burst of rich flavor.

Pork Burrito

This Pork Burrito is a nutritious and convenient recipe that’s a real crowd-pleaser.

This dish includes tomatoes, onions, corn, spices, cheese, and whole-grain tortillas. It is an excellent choice for those seeking a balanced meal as a single serving provides a good mix of protein, micronutrients from the vegetables, and fiber from the whole-grain tortillas. 

The simplicity and wholesomeness of this burrito make it ideal for serving a crowd or just your family at home. 

Feel free to mix up the filings, maybe adding in some guacamole if you have ripe avocadoes on hand, or using other in-season veggies for a fresh twist.

Easy Green Bean with Canned Pork (Ma Ling) Stir Fry

The Easy Green Bean with Canned Pork Stir Fry is a simple and quick recipe, ideal for those looking for a time-saving yet tasty option. 

With minimal ingredients like green beans, canned pork, garlic, and olive oil, this dish is perfect for a hassle-free meal.

The rich pork and fresh green beans play beautifully with the minced garlic, which imparts a strong flavor. 

Additionally, it’s a great way to incorporate green beans, which are rich in vitamins and fiber, into your diet.

Scalloped Potatoes, Spam and Cheese

This Scalloped Potatoes, Spam and Cheese casserole is a hearty, unctuous casserole that combines layers of thinly sliced potatoes with spam and a flavorful mix of cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese.

This rich, flavorful dish is further enhanced with a creamy, peppered sauce made from half-and-half and heavy cream.

It takes about an hour to bake and is ideal for a satisfying family meal, particularly in cold weather.

Let it cool slightly before serving to ensure the best experience.

Slow Cooker Spam Soup

This Slow Cooker Spam Soup recipe is as versatile as it gets: It can be cooked in a slow cooker, on a gas stove or even on a grill and you can make lots of portions – perfect for those family gatherings.

It’s made with pantry staples like canned pork, tomatoes, vegetables, and spices, making it convenient for times when you don’t quite have the time to make a trip to the store before dinner needs to be on the table. 

A combination of comfort, nutrition, and ease, this dish is definitely worth trying.

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad with Spam

Quick and simple to prepare, this Hawaiian Macaroni Salad with Spam is a refreshing and satisfying addition to your next BBQ or gathering with flavors straight from the islands.

This recipe mixes tender elbow macaroni with crispy fried Spam and juicy pineapple chunks. 

This hearty mixture is then combined with a mildly sweet and tangy dressing made from quality mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, sugar, and milk. 

Spicy Caramelized Spam & Scallion Pasta

This recipe marries the Mediterranean with East Asia, creating a beautifully flavorful blend of Asian and Italian on one plate. 

The dish starts with pasta of your choice, combined with the rich of spam, mashed to resemble ground pork. 

The salty, flavorful spam is then enhanced by the delightful sauté of scallions, sesame oil, sugar, and chile flakes. Mix the seasoned spam into the paste to leave a dish is replete with savory, sweet, and spicy notes.

If you’re looking to break up the monotony of plain-old pasta salad, then this is the recipe for you – particularly ideal for picnics or potlucks.

Hot Hawaiian Burgers

Hot Hawaiian Burgers are a fusion dish that marries the hearty character of an American-style burger with the rich and sweet flavors of Hawaiian cuisine. 

Pork is a commonly eaten meat in Hawaii, even more so than beef, so this burger calls for a blend of meats. 

Comprising of freshly ground beef, spam, Swiss cheese, and pineapple slices, this burger is a sumptuous mélange of textures and tastes.

The addition of a zesty Sriracha-mayo brings a kick of spice that beautifully complements the sweetness of pineapple and offsets the heavier, savory notes of the meats and cheese. 

This burger, ready in just 45 minutes, is a perfect choice to try out some new Hawaiian flavors.

Spam and Eggs

This spam and eggs dish offers a simple and budget-friendly meal that’s versatile enough to be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

On mornings where you decide to indulge, this dish comes together in a flash. The Spam is first marinated in a soy sauce mixture and then caramelized, imparting a delightful flavor and texture. Then, simply whip up some fluffy scrambled eggs and serve over last night’s white rice. 

Whether you’re seeking comfort food or need a quick meal using pantry staples, this easy, scrumptious recipe is worth trying.

Hawaiian Sliders with Tropical Slaw

This Hawaiian dish features two different sliders – one with slow-cooked Hawaiian-flavored pulled pork and the other with seared spam, both topped with an enticing tropical slaw.

The slaw is really the star of this easy dinner, and is made by combining a simple yet flavorsome dressing with shredded carrots, green onions, chopped pineapple, and roasted Macadamia nuts. 

Sweet, soft King’s Hawaiian Rolls and Pineapple BBQ Sauce enhance the flavor profile of the dish, and play off the bright slaw beautifully. 

These sliders are perfect for those seeking a fusion of savory and sweet.

Add this straightforward dish to your next BBQ and you’re sure to impress guests with its vibrant flavors.

Teriyaki Spam Musubi

Indulge in a taste of Hawaii with the Teriyaki Spam Musubi, a delightful dish that combines the savory flavor of Spam with the sweetness of teriyaki sauce. 

This dish is not only easy to make, it takes just 25 minutes.

This dish is immensely popular in Hawaii, for good reason. The ingredients are simple: Spam, nori (seaweed), rice, and homemade teriyaki sauce. 

It’s highly customizable and can be enjoyed with optional fillings such as kimchi, furikake, pineapple, or spring onions.  

Spam Katsu

This Katsu recipe is a flavorful twist on the usual pan-friend spam that incorporates Japanese flavors and cooking styles. 

This dish is simple and requires only a few ingredients – spam, salt, pepper, flour, eggs, panko, oil, and tonkatsu sauce (which can be found at any Asian grocer). 

Just slice the SPAM, then season and coat with flour, egg, and panko before deep-frying to a golden crisp. Serve with rice and a rich tonkatsu sauce. 

With its delightful, savory crunch, this dish is perfect for those seeking an effortless, indulgent meal using things you already have at home.

10-Minute Spam Ramen

Utilizing kitchen staples like Spam, ramen noodles, and eggs, this dish transforms basic instant ramen into a hearty, savory experience that brings a deluxe of flavor.

The crunch spam sits atop of the soup and tender noodles. With the fried egg adding some extra flavors along with the garnishes, there are a whole lot of filling flavors and textures going on.

Ideal for a busy day, this recipe effortlessly combines convenience with culinary creativity.

Caramelized Spam and Eggs

This Caramelized Spam and Eggs recipe is a perfect quick meal, offering a balance of savory and sweet flavors that will keep everyone at the table satisfied.

It’s an enticing mix of crispy Spam in a soy sauce and sugar glaze, combined with soft scrambled eggs, all served over rice. The eggs get a flavor boost with furikake, a Japanese seasoning blend of seaweed and sesame, and crispy fried garlic bits.

It’s ready in just under 30 minutes and perfect as a hearty, weekend breakfast.

Yield: 4-6

18 Canned Pork Recipes You Need to Try

18 Canned Pork Recipes You Need to Try

Try these delicious canned pork recipes. Canned ingredients make things simple and these recipes are as easy and quick as they come.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • Peppy Baked Beans
  • Stewed Pork Cabbage Rice
  • Pork and Pinto Bean Soup
  • Crispy Pork & Rice
  • Authentic Cuban Pork Sandwich
  • Pork Burrito
  • Easy Green Bean with Canned Pork (Ma Ling) Stir Fry
  • Scalloped Potatoes, Spam and Cheese
  • Slow Cooker Spam Soup
  • Hawaiian Macaroni Salad with Spam
  • Spicy Caramelized Spam & Scallion Pasta
  • Hot Hawaiian Burgers
  • Spam and Eggs
  • Hawaiian Sliders with Tropical Slaw
  • Teriyaki Spam Musubi
  • Spam Katsu
  • 10-Minute Spam Ramen
  • Caramelized Spam and Eggs


  1. Choose your favorite recipes.
  2. Get ingredients and follow the instructions.
  3. Create a tasty canned pork recipe.


Which of these recipes was your favorite? Let me know in the comment section or on Pinterest!

To Sum Up

Whether you’re looking for a delicious canned pork burrito or a hearty spam soup that’s easy and nutritious, there’s something to choose from for everyone here.

Pick your favorite and enjoy these stress-free canned pork recipes.

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