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Best Soy Milk Brands 2023

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Soy milk is a product that was popularized amid lactose intolerance among people, and also the rising popularity of vegan diets. 

However, it is not only consumed by these groups of people but has become common on the shelves of people that enjoy its taste, protein level, and other health benefits.

This article will review the best soy milk brands brands available and what to consider when buying soy milk.

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Considerations When Buying Soy Milk


Although most soy milk products are generally considered healthy in terms of proteins and lack of hormones found in regular dairy milk, other recipes have developed during the years and given a wider classification of soy milk. 

For example, consumers who are exercising or doing other types of physical activity on a diet, strict or not, look to have a higher protein intake than other people.

Their choice of soy milk is usually based on the protein level which varies from product to product, but that is not the only nutritional value they rely on. 

Another criterion for choosing soy milk is calcium which is not necessarily high in all products, but some include decent levels of it in its formula.

Shortly explained, proteins are crucial in the development of muscle tissue, while calcium is considered vital in the strengthening and development of bone structure in your body, and that is the reason these two elements are most sought for in soy milk.

These considerations are accompanied by those regarding GMOs, artificial flavors, and additional vitamins that can also be in soy milk, but all of this is mostly for those customers carefully looking at the nutritional value of a product.


Soy milk has a quite distinct taste when it is on its own, sometimes described as silky or grainy. 

Since soy is the main ingredient, producers look to add sugar and/or flavoring to their soy milk to adapt the taste to the desires of consumers.

 In most cases, the taste is adjusted by sugar or sweeteners and vanilla which go well with soy milk, according to most consumers.

Vanilla flavored soy milk prevails as more favorable to the common customer because it has a familiar taste and smell, as well as neutralizing the strong flavor that soy has when solely in the ingredients. 

However, there is a customer base that prefers soy milk without these additions and one product is included in this list.

Top 3 Overall Soy Milk Brands

Silk Vanilla Soymilk

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Some people have driven away from soy milk because of its different taste than regular dairy milk, and consume it just for its health benefits rather than enjoying it. 

Silk Vanilla Soymilk doesn’t have that problem with its consumers, due to its impressively sweet taste that tastes more like a treat than a healthy alternative in diets. 

With an impressive 6 grams of protein per serving, absolutely no cholesterol, artificial flavors, and 50% more calcium than regular dairy milk, it is jam-packed with healthy goodies for your body, while tasting great at the same time with its vanilla flavor alongside just enough sweetness.

All the ingredients are also free of GMO’s which is also a plus. It can be used in smoothies, tea, cereals, and even in baking recipes, while a nice big cup on its own is also a recommendation.

It is simply a tasty and healthy product for all those consumers avoiding dairy products and looking for a healthy and delicious alternative to regular milk. 

Signature Organic Soymilk

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Another vanilla-flavored soy milk comes from the brand Kirkland which offers an organic, gluten-free, lactose-free, and cholesterol-free soymilk full of healthy ingredients. 

The vanilla flavor is described by buyers as very subtle and not overpowering, meaning you can use this soymilk in vegetable recipes and get away with it. 

Taste-wise it is not that sweet, meaning fewer calories, but also a more distinct soy taste. 

Regarding thickness, it is quite creamier than other types of non-dairy milk and therefore tastier to those buyers who don’t like watery soy milk. 

The most significant aspect when buying this soy milk is its ingredients and their health benefits. 

Alongside the aforementioned organic qualities, it has 7 grams of proteins which are considered high and are the perfect purchase for buyers who seek extra protein if they are in training. 

Another quality is the omega-3 count which amounts to 250 grams per serving, adding lots of healthy fatty acids to the mix.

Yeo’s Soymilk

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A Malaysian product containing Canadian soybeans, Yeo’s Soymilk is quite a good option when choosing your soymilk. It is of course lactose-free, but also cholesterol-free with lots of calcium, protein, anti-oxidants, and iron.

Unlike the other two soymilk products on this list, it is not flavored and is pure soy milk with the original taste with a bit of sugar added just to make your taste buds take an extra liking to it. Consumers have described it as a refreshing drink that has a very silky taste to it.

Regarding health benefits and ingredients, apart from being pure soy without any flavoring added, it has a nice 5 grams of protein per serving which is not extremely high but is still a good source for your body.

It also has iron which is great for an energy boost. A very simple recipe in fact, but less is more in this case.

Best Organic Soy Milk

Silk Unsweetened Organic Soymilk

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When in search of an organic soy milk product, Silk has outdone themselves with their Unsweetened Organic Soymilk. 

It is unsweetened as the name says, meaning that there is no added sugar, which makes it perfect for adding to your favorite coffee, tea, cereal, or having a refreshing cup of the soy milk by itself.

Being organic and unsweetened soy milk, it is a magnet for consumers that carefully choose their products regarding healthiness, natural production, and sustainability. 

Taste-wise, it has that pure soy taste that can only come from whole soybeans and satisfies anyone’s taste buds which are fond of the taste. It is quite a simple product which is what consumers of organic products tend to go for these days.

With a big 8 grams of protein per serving, this soy milk will fit in perfectly with your workout and nutrition plan if you have one. 

Regarding the calcium levels, it also has a healthy amount of calcium to get you through the day.

Best Soy Milk for Toddlers

Kirkland Signature Organic Non-Dairy Vanilla Soy Beverage

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Some buyers like to avoid dairy products regarding the nutrition of their toddlers for different reasons, but whatever they are; Kirkland’s Soy Beverage is a fantastic alternative to any regular dairy milk product. 

This soy milk is an organic product that has a mild and delicious vanilla flavor to keep your toddlers happy while getting their daily dose of important nutrients for their successful development.

Its taste is of course vanilla, but it is finely combined with the soy taste as well, with just a touch of sweetness to keep the little ones happy.

With its 7 grams of protein per serving, it serves as a good basis for toddlers’ muscle development, while its calcium enrichment also provides important nutrition for the development and strengthening of bones. 

Finally, the great thing about this soy milk is also the fact that it has lots of vitamins as well as omega-3 fats which are fantastic for your toddler.

Best Soy Milk UK

Alpro Professional Soya

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Alpro is a very popular producer of soy milk products in Europe since its foundation in 1980. Their Professional Soya soy milk is described as being “for professionals” in terms of baristas – coffee makers.

The perfect product specially molded for topping off your coffee with a creamy flavor – without the typical ingredients of regular dairy milk. Enjoy your favorite cappuccino, latte, and macchiato without unnecessary dairy ingredients.

It is a soy product in which there is a slight apple flavor that accompanies the typical soy flavor. It is creamy which is great for coffee and other uses where you see fit. 

Although not being a pure soy product, the apple addition does not collide with the general impression regarding taste.

This product does not have the amounts of proteins, vitamins, and calcium, found in other products on this list, but is a great buy and should fully satisfy the needs for which it is intended.   

Best Soy Milk Canada

Organic Silk Soy Beverage

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Another product that uses whole soybeans in its ingredients, Silk once again rises to the occasion with its Organic Soy Beverage which is certain to fulfill everything it promises on the packaging.

Apart from obviously being organic, it is also unsweetened, uses absolutely no GMO’s, and has a natural soy flavor. No additional flavors, just the pure soy milk consumers love and buy.

Its primary use is in cereal or on its own as a great, refreshing cup of milk.

This product is a great source of protein, has a relatively low-calorie level, has no gluten and lactose in its recipe, and has as much calcium as regular dairy milk. It is a great alternative in any case to regular dairy milk. 

It also has some vitamins such as vitamin A and D2 among others to help your vitamin intake for the day. A great buy in any case. 


Soy milk in almost any shape or form is a great alternative to dairy milk if you don’t want to include lactose or other ingredients in your daily diet. 

The vanilla flavored versions are tastier to the common consumer but do include sugar and other ingredients.

Protein levels are almost always high in all soy milk, and if you want a little extra protein in your diet, all of these products would be not just a substitute for dairy milk, but a necessary household product.