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Best Ranch Dressing Brands 2022

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Ranch dressing is a popular product worldwide but has its firm place mostly on the dinner tables on the American continent.

An important addition to salads, it gives creaminess and flavor to any vegetables you choose to put inside. Here are the best three ranch dressings you can buy at the store for making your salads and meals a bit more fun.

This article will review the best ranch dressing brands available and what to consider when buying ranch dressing.

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Considerations When Buying Ranch Dressing


A product that is from the United States and enjoyed there mostly as well, ranch dressing has changed a few ingredients during the years, but its basis has stayed the same – buttermilk, garlic, salt, onions, and a few other herbs depending on the region and tradition.

These herbs are what in most cases define the choice of ranch dressing and which flavor you wish to dominate the whole mix.

Garlic and onion lovers will most likely choose the ranch dressing that has these ingredients increased taste-wise, while others might choose just the right amount of both. Another frequent ingredient in ranch dressing is vinegar which gives it a distinct and refreshing sour flavor.

Since ranch dressing is used on top of salads a lot, it goes well with regular salad dressings, adding a bit of creaminess.

Other ingredients that define the taste of ranch dressing are those not that often used in traditional recipes but are a brave step towards achieving uniqueness. These ingredients, for example, are cheese, which gives ranch dressing a totally new taste and widens the range of foods where it can be served.

Another example is whey, which in addition to vinegar changes and increases the sourness of the dressing.

Calories & Health

Although not unhealthy in general, ranch sauce does come in a variety of options concerning calories, natural colors, and herbs, as well as gluten-free options.

If this is something a consumer deems important, there is a wide range of low-fat, low-calorie, and gluten-free options on the market. However, if a consumer chooses not to cut the calories on his or her ranch sauce, it is not a big mistake generally.

The best products, taking into account all of these options, are listed below and if you love ranch sauce in any shape or form there is surely a suitable choice for your desires.

Top Ranch Dressing Brand Comparison

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Top 3 Ranch Dressing Brands 2020

Hidden Valley Original Ranch Salad Dressing & Topping

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A delicious ranch sauce that is gluten-free in case you have an intolerance or simply look to cut some calories when enjoying this appetizing type of food. Although the labeling states that it is best used in salads, fans of this product will definitely recommend it with some chicken, pasta, potatoes, or even pizza. Hidden Valley emphasizes that it is the number-one selling ranch dressing in the United States.

Having a wonderful combination of spices in the recipe that include garlic, onion, and vinegar, it provides a well-balanced onion flavor alongside a touch of sourness that adds rich flavor to any meal you choose to put it on.

It is described by consumers as having a unique flavor that cannot be compared to any other brand, with them recommending it for dips, salads as well as sandwiches, meaning it can be used in almost any meal. They also describe it as a “no brainer” when it comes to the choice of ranch dressing and an American classic, maintaining the quality through each bottle.

It is thick, rich, and creamy; basically everything you are looking for in a ranch dressing. It is also keto-friendly, meaning you can use it as a part of this diet with it only having two grams of carbs in total and 140 calories.

Kraft Classic Ranch Salad Dressing

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When it comes to ranch dressing, Kraft is a company that enjoys praise all around the world for its products. One of those products is its Classic Ranch Salad Dressing which is made without any artificial colors, no high fructose corn syrup, and it is made with real buttermilk – something that buyers tend to look for in a ranch dressing.

Apart from salads, it is recommended as a topping or dip for the veggie dish of your choice, or a perfect cooling dip for some hot chicken wings from the barbecue.  The taste can be best described as tangy and zesty, with the ingredients including vinegar, garlic, soybean oil, egg yolks, and whey, which give a great mixture that will satisfy buyers who look for more of a sour ranch dressing.

The buttermilk is also an important ingredient, giving a super creamy flavor to the whole mix. Kraft has a wide range of dressings that they recommend for specific meals, which means that they focus on every product having a distinct taste and texture intended for each of them.

This salad dressing is carefully prepared and recommended (apart from salads of course) as a dip and a sauce for sandwiches and wraps. With only 110 calories and 2 grams of carbs, it is also a light option.

Olive Garden Parmesan Ranch Dressing

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Being one of the most famous restaurant chains in the United States, Olive Garden decided to offer some of its most popular dishes and sauces to consumers, allowing them for home use and creativity in the kitchen. One of the most popular products is their Parmesan Ranch Dressing which is a distinctive, yet classic, ranch dressing.

Very cheesy of course, due to the parmesan, but again retaining the sourness and onion taste of a regular ranch dressing. The addition of parmesan to a ranch dressing is not something that you come across every day, but this ranch dressing proves that it should be. A wonderful combination of garlic, onions, vinegar, and parmesan cheese has buyers coming back for more.

According to buyers, their best use of this ranch dressing is in a salad, and sometimes on chicken. Although it is not as universal as other ranch dressings when it comes to the variety of intended meals, it is irreplaceable if you wish to season your salad and give it a little extra cheesy kick.

Having 150 calories and only 1 gram of carbs, it is a bit heavier in this sense than its competitors, but not going over the top, meaning it is still a good option if you are avoiding fatty meals and side dishes.


The options for a good store-bought ranch sauce are many, and these three are guaranteed to satisfy anyone who is looking to add a bit of excitement regarding taste and texture to their salad, dip, or wrap.

It is recommended to choose depending on what is your intended use of a ranch sauce, because each of the three mentioned above are good for general use, but great for their speciality.