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Best Oolong Tea Brands 2023

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Oolong tea has multiple benefits, such as providing an energy boost and helping people with weight loss.

We selected five top-rated items on the market to assist our readers in finding the best oolong tea.

Check out the detailed reviews below, and don’t forget our short buying guide on how to find a brand that meets your expectations.

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Oolong Tea Brand Comparison

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Best Oolong Tea Brand Reviews

Bigelow Oolong Tea

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Bigelow Oolong Tea is the favorite of many users, and that seems to be for a good reason. For starters, you get high-quality tea at a reasonable price. Some users report the flavor as unique and distinctive, and smooth, but with a touch of spicy-like feeling. It should go well with any meal or at any time of day.

The manufacturer ensured that tea has a high quantity of caffeine per serving. That makes it great for weight loss, energy boost, and other potential benefits. You can rest assured that this tea is both gluten and calorie-free.

Although the tea comes in a classic box, the manufacturer used separate foil pouches per four bags. It contributes to freshness, especially if you buy multiple packs. The only better thing would be to pack them individually. This way, if you open one pack, you will need to use the remaining three bags soon to preserve their freshness. Despite that, this is still a tea with great taste and benefits, and it delivers an excellent ratio of quality and price.


  • A high quantity of caffeine per serving
  • The foil pouches with separate wrapping contribute to the freshness
  • A touch of a spicy-like flavor reported


  • The teabags are packed by four and not individually

Prince of Peace Organic Oolong Tea

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Prince of Peace secured an organic certificate to ensure the product is free from GMOs. The certification is USDA Organic, which means it is the real deal. While we are analyzing the packaging, let’s say that it features a superior design. 

A single pack of this oolong tea contains 100 tea bags. That ensures the product has excellent value for money. The manufacturer used tea picked at tea plantations in China. This is hand-picked tea, which ensures the highest possible quality. 

It is easy to prepare the tea, and it shouldn’t take more than several minutes. You have detailed instructions on the box, but the entire process is as easy as you can imagine it. All it takes is to put a teabag in near-boiled water and leave it there for several minutes.

The flavor of this product is a bit different than the others. Some might describe it as too mild, but the positive thing is that there is no aftertaste. Oolong tea might leave that unpleasant tart aftertaste, but that is not the case with this brand. 


  • Tea comes from plantations in China
  • It is a certified organic brand
  • A nicely-designed packaging


  • Some users might find the flavor too mild

Harney & Sons Tea Blends Pomegranate Oolong

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The first thing you notice about the Harney & Sons Pomegranate Oolong Tea is its luxury packaging. Forget about the classic boxes because this product arrives in a tin. That is a smart move since it secures optimal storage conditions as long as you seal the lid tightly. 

Another significant distinction between this brand compared to others is its flavor. The manufacturer infused it with tangy pomegranate. As a result, the tea is pretty aromatic, although some might not find its flavor strong enough. If you appreciate the pomegranate-like flavor, you will love this tea.

The company used hand-picked, full leaves of oolong tea, which ensures high quality and excellent caffeine content. While sachets deliver impressive loose tea quality, they come in bags for user convenience. According to the information on the box, there are up to 60 milligrams of caffeine in a single tin. You can pick between multiple sizes to ensure you find a suitable option. Overall, this product is worth the money, and it is what we expected from a premium brand like Harney & Sons.


  • Pomegranate flavor is quite aromatic
  • The tin packaging looks classy
  • A high quantity of caffeine per serving


  • Not everyone will like the taste 

Organic Oolong Tea, 18 Bleach-Free Tea Bags

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Buddha Teas is a reputable brand in the industry, and their Organic Oolong Tea can be a real treat. Its most significant advantage is that it is organic and has a certificate to prove it. The USDA Organic certification is not easy to get, and it guarantees that there are no additives or GMOs in the product. 

You will notice that the manufacturer even made the boxes from recycled materials. That is a small downside because the package is not that durable and is susceptible to damage during transport.

However, it is what’s inside that matters, and Buddha Teas made a unique tea blend. They used Camellia sinensis and partially fermented the tea. Thanks to that, it has a sweet and smooth flavor that most people will love.

It can’t be easier to prepare herbal tea as you only need three to five minutes in the heated water for it to be ready. Overall, it seems that the brand offers good value for money. If you are on the market for an organic oolong tea, you can’t go wrong with this unit!


  • A tasty and sweety-like flavor
  • Organic tea with no GMO or artificial additives
  • Easy to prepare 


  • The box is susceptible to damage

VAHDAM, High Mountain Oolong Tea Leaves from the Himalayas

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If you are looking for high-quality oolong tea on the UK market, VAHDAM has the right product for you. The company uses loose leaves from plantations in India. They picked the region famous as the “champagne of teas” to deliver a first-rate product to customers.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer even obtained a certificate that their brand is plastic and carbon-neutral, which means they are responsible toward the environment. 

The tea itself has a subtle floral taste, and even those who never tried oolong will love it. You will find the preparation directions on the box. All it takes is to put a single teaspoon of tea in hot water for about five minutes, and you can drink the beverage.

VAHDAM Oolong Tea comes in convenient packaging. It ensures you store the product without it losing its strength over time. The multi-layer packaging protects your tea from heat, light, oxygen, and moisture. Thanks to that, the tea remains fresh for a long time.


  • The packaging allows storing the tea without it losing its strength
  • A subtle floral flavor that appeals to most people
  • A certified plastic and carbon-neutral brand


  • The price tag is a bit higher compared to similar units

How to Choose the Best Oolong Tea

Now that you are familiar with top-rated products, it is time to learn how to find the one that suits your expectations. Here are the factors to consider during the selection process!

Where Is the Sourced from?

The first thing you want to check is the source of the oolong tea. It depends on the brand, but most manufacturers decide on plantations in China and India. Apart from the locations, it might be smart to go for hand-picked tea to ensure its best possible quality.

Is it Organic?

For some users, it is vital that their oolong tea is organic. That ensures it is free from GMO and other artificial ingredients. If you want to confirm your product is organic, look for a certification. The most reputable brands will acquire a certificate from USDA or similar respected authorities.

Does the Flavor Suit You?

The classic oolong tea might have a strong taste, but some people like it. If you don’t appreciate the classic flavor, you can look for teas infused with other ingredients. The manufacturers often infuse it with pomegranate and other fruits to ensure a different flavor and smell. 

Apart from the flavor, you also want to check the strength of the tea per serving. If you go with a tea that isn’t that strong, its flavor might be mild and more comfortable to drink.

Packaging and Size

The traditional way of packing oolong tea is in standard tea bags. That way, you simply take a tea bag and place it in hot water to make your beverage. However, there are brands that pack leaves in a box, and you use a teaspoon to decide the strength of your tea. 

Apart from that, you might encounter a different type of packaging. Most companies use boxes, but some offer tins to ensure maximum freshness and optimal storage conditions. You might even find teabags wrapped in foil pouches to preserve the freshness.


The best way to find a brand that perfectly fits your preferences is through trial and error. You start with the characteristics you want, such as a particular flavor or source.

However, it might happen that you don’t like tea if you try it. If that happens, don’t hesitate to move to another brand.

You can choose between a variety of flavors, which guarantees everyone can find one that meets their expectations.