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Best Olive Oil Sprayers 2022

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An olive oil sprayer can be a cheap and elegant solution so that you use the right amount of olive oil in your dish.

It spreads the oil out easily, meaning you can cover a pan with less oil. This is great for anyone looking to keep an eye on their calorie intake and ensures you aren’t eating excessive calories.

This article will cover what you should consider when choosing an olive oil sprayer and our recommendations.

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Considerations When Choosing an Olive Oil Sprayer

Sprayer Material

There are three main materials used in the construction of olive oil sprayers – glass, metal, and plastic.

Glass and metal are the best materials for storing olive oil, and by extension the best materials for your olive oil sprayer.

The reason for this is that they do a great job of keeping sunlight and oxygen away from the oil. Both can degrade quality of the oil after long exposures.

Plastic is a good option if you’re on a very tight budget, but it is very bad at preserving the quality of the oil. Poor quality plastic can also release harmful chemicals into the oil.

However, if you are only looking to use an olive oil sprayer occasionally, it can be a reasonable choice.

Spraying mechanism

The mechanism of your sprayer will determine both the area that you can efficiently cover with the sprayer and the amount of oil that comes out of the sprayer.

The simplest mechanism is a trigger-operated nozzle. With this kind of mechanism, every pull of the trigger will spray a fixed amount of oil either in a stream or in a fan-shaped pattern.

Some nozzles let you control the pattern, but in many cases, it will be fixed to one of the two aforementioned options.

A pump mechanism will require you to “prime” the sprayer by using the pump to build air pressure that will act as a propellant for the oil.

This mechanism makes it easy to quickly cover very large surfaces with oil but there is less control over the quantity of oil that comes out than with the trigger-operated nozzles.

Finally, there are olive oil sprays. These come exclusively in metal cans and they use various chemical propellants to spray the oil as an aerosol.

They are very simple to use, but the chemicals used as propellants may get mixed into your food and that might be a reason for you to avoid oil sprays.

Storage capacity

The material and frequency of use should be your main guidelines for selecting the sprayer with the ideal storage capacity.

Since dark-colored glass and metal provide the best protection for olive oil, feel free to go for a higher-capacity sprayer if it is made out of either of these materials.

In case of clear glass or plastic, it is recommended to go for a lower-capacity sprayer since it won’t protect the oil  quite as well.

When you decide on the material you want for your new sprayer, feel free to go for a bigger one if you plan to use the sprayer often, or a smaller one if you don’t.


We’ve all probably broken a glass or a plate sometime during our lives.

The last thing you want happening with your olive oil sprayer is accidentally dropping it and risking the container breaking or the metal getting dented.

It is therefore a good idea to select a sprayer with a shape and dimensions you know can comfortably fit into your hand. The more often you use the sprayer, the more important the fit becomes.

Ergonomic fit is an often overlooked aspect of selecting many products, but the last thing you want is pain in your hand or wrist caused by a sprayer that isn’t right for you.


As with any product, different brands are good for different things.

Some will give you a cheap temporary solution, others will give you a product you will use for years to come.

You should pay special attention if you decide to go for a plastic sprayer as some brands use plastic that contains harmful substances such as BPA.

Advertisements aren’t always honest, so make user to take a look at user reviews. These tend to be the most reliable source of information you can get on any specific brand of sprayers.

Best Olive Oil Sprayers

The following sprayers are our recommendations.

Misto Brushed Aluminum Oil Sprayer

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Misto has created a very interesting sprayer by combining an aluminum casing with a pump-operated spraying mechanism.

Aluminum does a great job of protecting the oil from outside elements and helps keep the overall weight of the sprayer low.

The sprayer relies on air pressure built by using the integrated pump to act as a propellant for the oil.

The mechanism itself is exceptionally easy to use and does its job very well.

Once the sprayer is pumped, a press on the valve will spray the oil in the form of a very fine mist that can efficiently cover a very large surface, ensuring that there is no waste in the process.

The recommended capacity of the container is about ½ cup of oil (about 120 ml) and the container is easy to refill at any time. If you get this sprayer, you will notice that the container can easily fit at least twice the recommended amount of oil, but free space is needed for the air pressure to build up.

Regular cleaning will be required every 8 weeks to keep the sprayer in top condition and you should find the cleaning process to be very simple.

Overall, this is a sprayer that does everything right at an amazing price.

Evo Oil Sprayer Bottle

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A large stylish glass container is the most distinctive feature of this sprayer from Evo.

With a capacity of 18 ounces (around 540 ml), it will certainly be a while before you need to refill this sprayer. With this much oil, you’ll need good protection from outside elements in order to preserve its quality.

Fortunately, the high-quality glass that forms the container of this sprayer will provide just that.

The spraying mechanism consists of a trigger-operated nozzle that disperses exactly 1.35 ml of oil with every trigger pull, which allows for a great deal of control over exactly how much oil you’re using.

The plastic handle is wonderfully designed to fit any hand and it is completely free of any toxic substances such as BPA or DEHP.

The nozzle can be easily adjusted to control the type of pattern that the oil will be sprayed in, which is a handy feature to have if you’re using different shapes or pans.

We’re fans of this sprayer’s design and it is a great option if you’re in need of a higher capacity container. The large glass container makes it is one of the more expensive products on this list but many people have found it to be well worth the price.

LayYun Olive Oil Sprayer Dispenser for Cooking

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LayYun’s sprayer could easily be mistaken for a perfume bottle because of its stylish design and the glass it is made out of.

While glass generally provides great protection for olive oil, this sprayer uses a clear glass container that won’t do a great job of protecting the oil from sunlight.

With that in mind, keep the sprayer in a dark place when it is not in use to limit exposure to sunlight.

The container itself has a capacity of 100 ml (around 3.4 ounces) which makes this sprayer one of the smaller ones on our list.

It is very portable and even 100 ml of olive oil can last you for a while.

The container can be refilled once it runs out, but the refill process will require you to use a funnel because the opening on the container is very narrow.

Its spraying mechanism is a button-operated nozzle that will spray a fixed amount of oil in a fan pattern with every press of the button. The washing process is very simple and requires only warm water, so maintaining this sprayer will be a breeze.

This is a very affordable product that provides great value for money, so you should definitely consider it if you’re looking for a smaller oil sprayer.

CHUANGSIxx Olive Oil sprayer Mister for Cooking

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Visually and functionally, this sprayer is very similar to the previous one on our list, although with a few extras.

Both sprayers use the same combination of materials (stainless steel spraying nozzle, clear glass container), so they share the same pros and cons in terms of construction including the narrow opening on the container.

Their capacity is also the same (100 ml or 3.4 ounces), but this is where the already mentioned extras come into play.

Unlike the previous sprayer, this one has very handy markings on the container to indicate the amount of oil left inside which makes it much easier to manage your oil.

Your package will contain a few accessories – a funnel for refilling the container, a silicon case to prevent slipping, and a brush for easier cleaning. You will also receive two sprayers in your package and each will come with their own silicone case, but there will be only one brush and one funnel.

In terms of unit price, it costs nearly the same as LayYun’s sprayer and they are nearly identical in terms of performance as small sprayers. If you need two sprayers or value the extra accessories found in this package, then, by all means, go for it.

However, if you only need one sprayer, then you might as well save a few dollars and buy the one from LayYun.


Using an olive oil sprayer can be a great and inexpensive way to reduce the mess in your kitchen and give yourself more control over how much oil you use in your dishes.

With the number of options on the market, it is certain that you can find a product that will be right for you no matter what your needs are.