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Best Kimchi Brand Reviews 2023

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kimchi Have you ever tried kimchi? This is a traditional Korean dish that features a combination of tastes. It can be sweet, spicy, or sour, and everyone agrees it is delicious!

This article will cover the best brands of oyster sauce and what to factor in when buying oyster sauce.

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How to Choose the Best Kimchi Brand

Are you wondering how to pick the best kimchi brand out there? These are the factors to consider during the selection process.


If you choose a food product, you always start with ingredients. Kimchi is not an exception, which is why the choice of compounds to include in the formula should be the primary consideration.

The ingredients might vary significantly because some companies focus on using red pepper flakes, while others add sauerkraut or cabbage. Most manufacturers have kimchi herbs like onion, ginger, and garlic in their formulas.

Additional compounds are equally important, especially if you have allergies. Some formulas contain yeast, wheat, soy, or dairy, while others are entirely free of those ingredients. Finally, some formulas are vegetarian or vegan-friendly and organic. Consider your nutrition requirements and pick accordingly – you will surely find a suitable option in our reviews.


Kimchi might have different tastes, and it depends on the chosen ingredients and their ration. The main reason why people use kimchi is that they want to add flavor to their dishes. That is why many formulas of this dish are at least a bit spicy. The spiciness levels vary, which is why you should pick based on your preference.

If you don’t like spicy kimchi, you can try to find formulas that offer a sweet-like flavor. Ultimately, it might take a bit of trial and error until you find the product you like.


Kimchi products might come in different types. Most of them are pastes packed in jars, although you might also find a ready-made stir-fry mix with kimchi.

If you go with a paste in a jar, the jar size can go from six to 18 ounces or more. Some users might find a compact packaging convenient to use on the go. Others prefer getting more at once so that you can use kimchi for a long time to come.

Either way, you want to consider the ratio of size and price. The best method to confirm that is to calculate the cost per ounce of the product.

Top Kimchi Brand Comparison

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Best Kimchi Brands

Mama O’s, Kimchi Paste Super Spicy

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Mama O’s offers multiple variations of its kimchi. If you are a fan of spiciness in your food, you will love this super spicy version.

The product comes in jars that weigh six ounces each. You could say it is an average-sized pack with good value for money. It is worth noting that there are about 24 serving sizes in a single pack since the standard dose is a single tablespoon.

Mama O’s is proud of the all-natural ingredients formula used for the kimchi. They mixed red pepper flakes, salt, sugar, bhut jolokia powder, ginger, and garlic. The formula is yeast and wheat-free.

As soon as you try this kimchi, you will feel its rich flavor. You might not like it if you not a fan of spicy food. But if you are, this will be the tastiest product to try in this category!


  •         Instant flavor bomber
  •         Wheat and yeast-free
  •         All natural ingredients


  •         Not for those who don’t like spicy food

Cj Bibigo, Korean Stir-Fried Kimchi

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Do you have a craving for stir-fried kimchi? Cj Bibigo offers convenient packs of this dish to use whenever you feel hungry. The company offers five bags of kimchi in a single packaging, and the only problem is it offers less than three ounces per unit. A male adult would need at least two bags for a decent meal.

Once you try this kimchi, you will realize that it is delicious. It is fast and easy to prepare, which makes it perfect for busy people. Whether you are a traveler or a businessperson, this could be a convenient solution. You don’t even have to store the bags in the fridge because they hold on perfectly fine at room temperature.


  •         Convenient for busy people
  •         Tasty and easy to prepare
  •         It doesn’t require storing in a fridge


  •         A small size per pack

Eden Foods Organic Kimchi Sauerkraut

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Eden Foods whipped up a kimchi sauerkraut formula that is both organic and tasty. The company uses sweet cabbage that is hand-harvested and a mixture of organic kimchi herbs. That includes onion, red bell pepper, ginger root, garlic, cayenne pepper, mustard seed, etc.

The ingredients also list lactic acid, which means this product is not suitable for people allergic to dairy. On the other hand, the manufacturer doesn’t use any preservatives and other chemicals to keep its high-quality products.

You get 18 ounces of this kimchi sauerkraut per jar. Most users agree that it is an excellent value for money. The product is great for adding flavor to the sauerkraut. Some might find the taste a bit spicy, but it is not anything out of the ordinary.


  •         An organic product
  •         Adds flavor to the sauerkraut
  •         Excellent value for money


  •         It contains lactic acid

Mother-In-Law’s Kimchi Fermented Chile Paste

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We can trace the recipe for this kimchi fermented chile paste to a restaurant in California. The owner’s daughter wanted to recreate her mother recipe, and we received this product.

If you check out the formula, you will find that it uses chile pepper flakes, onion, and garlic and malt syrup, sweet rice powder, wheat, and soy. That is important allergen info, but if it fits your nutrition, you will love this kimchi.

The product offers a distinctive taste that is a combination of both sweet and spicy flavors. Thanks to that, you can make any dish better with this paste. Each jar features ten ounces of kimchi in a unique-shaped packaging.


  •         A distinctive sweet-like taste
  •         It can bring flavor to any dish
  •         Created after a recipe used in a restaurant


  •         Contains wheat and soy

Mama O’s, Kimchi Paste

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Here is another kimchi paste made by Mama O’s. This formula is vegan-friendly, which means the manufacturer selected the ingredients carefully. The paste contains garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes, water, lime juice, salt, and sugar.

As usual with this brand, you get 24 servings (a tablespoon) per jar, which is around six ounces. Once you open the jar, it is essential to keep the product in a fridge. Otherwise, it might go bad quickly.

The kimchi paste is suitable for adding to different dishes. Whether you are making a stir-fry or a salad, this product will be your best friend if you need a bit more flavor. The unique and distinctive flavor is something you will fall in love with immediately, and it will be hard to imagine a meal without this paste.


  •         Suitable for vegans
  •         Made by a reputable brand
  •         Versatile and suitable for different dishes


  •         It must be kept in a fridge after opening

Kimchi No Moto (Kimchee Base) by Momoya

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Momoya is the company behind this Kimchi No Moto product. It is a reputable manufacturer in the food industry, which means you can expect a high-quality product. You might want to use it for cucumbers, salads, or other dishes. Whichever way you go for, you will love the unique taste of this paste.

The compact-sized jar has both ups and downs. You won’t get plenty of kimchi per jar since the capacity is 6.7 ounces. However, the good news is that the compact designs mean it is easy to carry the product with you. That way, whenever you need to add flavor to a dish, you will have your kimchi base nearby.


  •         Spice up and add flavor to any food
  •         Excellent for cucumbers and salads
  •         Convenient to use on the go


  •         Not too much product in a single jar

Best Kimchi Brand UK

Master Sauce Korean Kimchi

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This Korean Kimchi is actually made in Taiwan, but that’s not an obstacle to its specific taste. As soon as you try it, you will recognize the unique flavor of kimchi.

The manufacturer used a mixture of cabbage (around 70%), garlic, carrot, hot pepper, onion, ginger, sugar, salt, and vinegar. They carefully measure the dose of each ingredient, which results in tasty kimchi. The formula is also suitable for vegetarians, although some users might find it a bit watery.

UK users seem to love this kimchi, and you will get a generous quantity per jar. Each pack contains 12.7 ounces of the dish, which gives a good ratio between price, quantity, and quality.


  •         Best kimchi brand in the UK
  •         A generous quantity per jar
  •         Suitable for vegetarians


  •         Some users might find it a bit watery

To Sum Up

We hope that our suggestions for the best kimchi brand helped you find a product that meets your expectations.

Our experts picked from reputable manufacturers and made sure to include formulas with different tastes in our selection. You can’t go wrong with any product on our list.

Think about your preferences and pick accordingly.