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Best Cranberry Juice Brands 2023

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More than 95% of the world’s cranberry is grown in the US, Canada, and Chile, from where it is exported to the rest of the world.

Products containing cranberries are popular because of the plant’s various health benefits. They are a great source of vitamins (especially vitamins C, E, and K1) and fiber.

This article will review all the different Cranberry juices brands available on the market and what to consider when buying cranberry juice.

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Things to Consider when Buying Cranberry Juice

Organic Certification

Cranberries can be called organic if no man-made fertilizers or pesticides have been used on them, which means that harmful chemicals found in those fertilizers and pesticides won’t be found in organic cranberries, thus making them healthier.

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) is probably one of the most reputable issuers of organic certificates in the world.

Added Sugars

Added sugars are often added to juice to improve the flavor and this is especially true of tart juices like cranberry juice. These sugars add zero nutritional value and can contribute to obesity and other health issues.

Artificial Colors and Preservatives

As long as these additives are certified by a trustworthy regulatory body, they should be perfectly safe for human consumption. They are added to juices to make them look more appealing and prolong their shelf life, respectively.

Types of Juices


You’ll sometimes encounter juice made from concentrate. This means that water was initially extracted from the juice to create a concentrate (which is easier to transport as it takes up less room) and later re-added to make the juice. As long as no sugars were added in the process, the juice from concentrate isn’t any better or worse than the other variants.


A cocktail is a juice that was sweetened either with high-fructose corn syrup (which means added sugar) or other fruit juices to improve the flavor.

Juice Mixes

Many juices exist as mixes of two or more juices from different plants and cranberry is no exception. These mixes create unique and interesting flavors that you may find very appealing.

Top Cranberry Juice Brands Comparison

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Top 3 Cranberry Juice Brands

Knudsen Juice, Organic Just Cranberry

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The first spot on our top three cranberry juice brand list goes to Knudsen Juice’s Just Cranberry organic juice. As the name already implies, it is an organic juice and it holds the USDA organic certification.

It might be a bit of a surprise to see that the juice is not cold-pressed and that it is instead made from concentrate. Don’t be alarmed by this since the only ingredients in the bottle are organic cranberry juice concentrate and filtered water which is used to reconstitute the juice.

There are also no added sugars or any other ingredients to speak of. The only thing you need to “worry” when it comes to this juice is remembering to shake the bottle before opening it since some natural separation may occur.

If you are making a smoothie and looking to add some cranberry to it, using this juice is the perfect way to do just that.

Lakewood PURE Cranberry Juice

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The name Lakewood should be familiar to fans of high-quality juice and to our regular readers since their products are found in most of our lists. Obviously, this list is no exception as Lakewood’s PURE Cranberry Juice makes an appearance as one of our top-3 brands.

It comes in 32-ounce glass bottles and you get six bottles in a pack. Unfortunately, there is no way to order a smaller quantity but that won’t be a problem with a juice that tastes this good.

You are probably already aware that glass is a great material for preserving natural juices so we won’t dive into that subject again. Instead, let’s talk about the juice itself.

You are getting 100% pure cold-pressed juice here without any additives. Just remember to shake the bottle before use, keep it in the fridge once it is open, and drink it within two weeks for best taste and freshness. You are getting very good quality so you should just focus on enjoying it.

Ocean Spray No Sugar Added, 100% Juice Cranberry, 10 Fl Oz

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Ocean Spray is another brand that we have already featured in our best juices lists and it makes an appearance in this one as well. Their cranberry juice that is featured here comes in 10-ounce bottles and packs of six bottles. There are options to easily order multiple packs which is a plus but the bottles themselves are plastic.

It’s important to know that while this juice has no added sugar, it is also not 100% cranberry.

Cranberry juice makes up most of the blend but three other fruit juices have been added to it to sweeten the mix. Those three are grape, apple, and pear. You won’t feel their taste much but don’t go in expecting 100% pure cranberry taste either.

Best Cranberry Juice Powder

Micro Ingredients Organic Cranberry Juice Powder

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What we have here is a cranberry juice powder made by extracting water from the juice of US-grown organic cranberries. The organic status of this product is even confirmed by a USDA certification.

Additionally, this powder contains absolutely no additives, preservatives, fillers, artificial colors or flavors, sol, or gluten.

It is a GMO-free and vegan-friendly product with which you can be absolutely sure that you’re getting nothing but 100% organic cranberry.

The powder form makes this product quite versatile because you can use it not only to make juice but also to add some cranberry flavor and nutritional benefits to your favorite smoothie or shake.

It comes in a re-sealable bag that will help keep the powder dry and protected from outside influences. With as many as 45 servings per bag, this cranberry powder will last for a while.

Best Cranberry Juice UK

Biona Organic Cranberry Pure Super Juice

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Our pick for the best cranberry juice in the UK is the Biona Organic Cranberry Pure Super Juice. What you’re getting here is a 100% pure, cold-pressed cranberry juice without any extra sugar or any other ingredients.

Cold-pressed cranberries without any sweeteners are going to have a pretty tart taste, so it might be a good idea to mix this juice with some other fruit juice or to dilute it with water before drinking if you are not a fan of the taste.

The cranberries used for making this juice are certified organic and a tinted glass bottle will make sure that the juice is well preserved. As with most natural organic juices, shake well before use and put the bottle in a fridge after opening. If you want the best taste, you should drink the juice within five days of opening the bottle.

Best Cranberry Juice Canada

Just Juice Pure Cranberry

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Just Juice Pure Cranberry is our pick for the best cranberry juice in Canada. This is yet another 100% pure cold-pressed cranberry juice that has zero additives such as sugars or artificial colors or flavors. The only contents of the bottle are the contents of the cranberries themselves.

This organic juice comes in one-liter clear glass bottles and it is bottled in Canada. It was not filtered after pressing so puree is definitely going to be found in the bottle. This is a completely natural occurrence and shaking the bottle well before use is all you need to do to.

Many customers are praising the taste of the juice because it tastes as real cranberries taste but they also add that not everyone will like that. If the taste is too strong for you, diluting this juice with water is always a viable option.