What Does Avocado Taste Like? [Definitive Guide]

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Avocado has become risen in popularity in recent years.

Given its excellent nutritional profile and taste, it’s hard not to see why.

This article will cover what avocado tastes like and common questions around its taste.

What Does Avocado Taste Like?

As avocado is a fruit, you might expect some sort of sweet taste. However, the taste of avocado is different from almost every other fruit.

In fact, avocados aren’t really sweet at all. Some may think it’s taste is pretty mild, but it is more a creamy and buttery taste that is consistent with the fruit’s overall texture. Since avocados contain a good amount of healthy fats, the creamy flavors will probably be among the first notes you taste.

When you cut an avocado for the first time, you’ll probably love the sensation of the knife slicing through it like butter.

This mild flavor makes avocados a great addition to any dish without the worry that they will distract from the main ingredients. Sushi rolls are a prime example of this. Many types of rolls contain avocados yet they will never overshadow the taste of the fish.

Given their flavor, avocados aren’t recommended to anyone looking for a refreshing fruit. Oranges or peaches would serve that role much better. However, the flavor of avocados truly makes them shine as a fruit shack that will satisfy your hunger or as a filler in a more complex dish.

How to Make Avocado Taste Better

Eating avocados by themselves is perfectly viable. However, there are a number of different methods to try.

The best way to counteract a fatty flavor is to introduce something acidic or salty. Even better if you can add both.

The most commonly suggested way to enhance the flavor of avocados is to add lime juice (lemon juice is also viable but lime is better) and salt.

This will introduce some strong flavors for those that aren’t fans of the avocado’s mild flavor. Other spices like pepper or various herbal spice mixes can also be used to achieve the same result depending on your personal preferences.

Note that these are only ways to enhance the flavor of avocado if you’re eating it on its own. There are plenty of ways to combine avocados with other foods for amazing results.

What Does Mexicola Avocado Taste Like?

There is more than one type of avocado but the common trait for most types of avocado is that they are green in color and that they like hot climates. Mexicola avocado breaks that mold in more than one way.

Starting from the look, Mexicola avocado has a purple/green skin and it is quite a bit smaller than most other types of avocado. This is likely a result of the climate that this kind of avocado thrives in.

Unlike most other types, the Mexicola avocado can withstand temperatures lower than the freezing point of water.

The skin of Mexicola avocadoes is edible and you can bite right into them without having to peel them first. When it comes to taste, there are no major differences in terms of the flavors you will feel but they may be a bit more intense in Mexicola avocados.

They might also be a bit oilier as they are usually used for making avocado oil. Just like most other types of avocado, Mexicola avocados don’t cook well so roasting them likely won’t be a viable option.

Does Avocado Taste Like Egg?

If you’ve tried to find out how avocados taste like on the internet already, you may have found some sources comparing them to eggs.

Do avocados really taste like eggs? For the most part, no, but there are some circumstances where the taste can be similar.

Some types of avocados, when roasted or steamed, can have a taste similar to that of a boiled egg. The main reason for this are certain similarities in chemical compositions of eggs and avocados.

So, in some circumstances, they can have a similar taste but for the most part, that will not be the case.

What Does Avocado Oil Taste Like?

With the recent rise in the popularity of avocados, avocado oil has also seen a rise in popularity. It can be used for many things, cooking being one of them.

If you’re thinking of trying cooking with avocado oil, you should know what it tastes like.

In short, the taste is very mild, even milder than the already mild taste of raw avocado.

It does have a grassy hint that isn’t found in most avocados. In general, this makes it a great oil to use when you don’t want the oil to modify the flavor of the dish you are making.

If you want the dish to take in the flavor of the oil, you’ll be much better off using something like olive oil.

Does Avocado Oil Taste Like Avocado?

Avocado oil does taste similar to avocado. However, the oil has a milder flavor with a grassy note that you won’t feel in raw avocados.

How to Eat Avocado

Take your pick. There are many ways to enjoy avocados and they go along great with many different foods. If you’ll be enjoying it raw, the best way to do so is to cube it. This is done by first cutting the fruit in half starting from the narrowest part at the top.

With a ripe avocado, the knife should just glide through. Speaking of ripeness, a good way to test for it is to take the fruit in your hand and give it a squeeze.

A ripe avocado will give a little, an unripe one will be firm, and an overripe one will feel extra squishy.

The pit is really easy to take out, just hit it with the sharp end of the blade and turn it, it will pop right out. After the pit is out, simply use the knife to make cubes, just watch out not to cut through the skin. Turn the cubed halves inside out and pick out the cubes one by one.

You can also mash it up into a guacamole dip/sauce that you can pair with lots of dishes or snacks, chips and tacos/burritos being excellent examples. You can also all mashed avocados on toast, something you’ve probably seen on social media already.

Finally, you can pair it with salads or meat (fish and chicken work best). Feel free to experiment and discover your favorite avocado pairings.

Avocado Substitute

If you want to use a substitute for avocados for any reason, there aren’t any that will do the job perfectly but here are some that you can use in a pinch.

The first one is squashed bananas. While not a great substitute when it comes to taste, it does an excellent job of giving you a near-identical texture.

An even better one is hummus. It comes close to avocados in the texture department and the health benefits are also there. If you don’t have hummus, you can also use various types of nut butter such as peanut, almond, or cashew butter.

To Sum Up

Avocados are popular for a good reason.

Few fruits or vegetables can match their nutritional profiles. Even the fat found in avocado is the healthy kind.

You should definitely give them a try, especially with so many ways to eat them. You’re bound to find a way that is perfect for you.